Respiration 4 - Exercise and Lung Function

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  1. Which blood vessel does systemic arterial blood come from?
    The aorta
  2. What type of receptors monitor oxygen tension?
    Carotid bodies
  3. What type of receptors monitor carbon dioxide tension?
    Medullary CSF receptors
  4. How does exercise affect oxygen consumption/carbon dioxide production?
    It increases oxygen consumption and increases carbon dioxide production
  5. True or false: during light exercise there is not much change in arterial oxygen and carbon dioxide tensions?
    True: there is not any change in blood gas variables until you start getting into heavy exercise
  6. What are the main triggers for the variations in gas blood variables?
    Anaerobic respiration i.e. the production of H+ ions and lactate
  7. With regards to minute expired volume (VE) what happens at the start of exercise?
    At the start of exercise there is a sharp increase in minute expired volume
  8. What part of the body is responsible for this sharp rise in VE at the start of exercise?
    The CNS - the brain and higher centres drive the respiratory centre in the medulla to increase respiratory and heart rate.  This is an anticipatory event.
  9. What is the term used to describe the anticipatory event caused by the CNS?
    "Central command"
  10. What mechanisms control the gradual upward adjustment of VE during exercise?
    Homeostatic mechanisms
  11. While oxygen demand outstrips supply the body goes into ...?
    oxygen debt
  12. What type of respiration occurs during oxygen debt?
    Anaerobic respiration
  13. Why is there still a period of increased ventilation rate after exercise?
    This is the period where the oxygen debt is being repaid.  During this process oxygen is being consumed to reverse the metabolic processes that were occurring anaerobically and yielding anaerobic byproducts.
  14. True or false: the 'repayment period' precisely matches the oxygen debt incurred by exercise?
  15. True or false: you can repay the oxygen debt during exercise?
    False - you cannot pay back the oxygen debt until you stop exercising
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