Phlebotomy chapter #10

  1. How will the listed analytes changes as the result of a patient's exercise and stress (increase or decrease in value)?
    all increase except hemoglobin which is decreased
  2. A patient goes from lying down to standing up. How will the listed analytes change (increase or decrease)?
    Blood pressure and blood volume decrease all the rest increase
  3. What specimen is more likely to be hemolyzed, an evacuated tube drawn specimen or a syringe drawn specimen? Why?
    Syringe collection. result of truama in transferring the blood from the syringe to the tube and the delay before the blood is mixed with the anticoagulant.
  4. What steps can be taken by a phlebotomist to prevent a hemolyzed specimen?
    use a evacuated tube system
  5. What type of laboratory error is created by a hemolyzed specimen?
  6. What analytes will be affected by contamination with Betadine solution?
    betadine can increase potassuim, phosphorus, and uric acid
  7. What are four tests that require chilling of the specimen
    • 1. ammonia
    • 2. caticholamines
    • 3. lactic acid
    • 4. PH/ blood gases
  8. What two tests require the specimen to be maintained at 37 degrees C?
    • 1. cold agglutinins
    • 2. cryoglobin
  9. What are two ways to protect a specimen from light?
    • 1. amber tubes
    • 2. wrap in aluminum foil
  10. Name at least 8 reason a specimen might need to be recollected?
    • 1. each specimen must be individualy label
    • 2. each specimen must have a label with the name of the test on it
    • 3. all label must have the patients complete name and hospital number
    • 4. must be conducted within a specific time
    • 5. specimen in syringes must have needles removed and the syringe capped before transport
    • 6.urine specimens must have label on the container and on the lid
    • 7. all specimens must be in their appropriate anticoagulant
    • 8. anticoagulant tubes must be at least 75% full
  11. What must packaging contain to avoid contamination if a specimen breaks during shipment?
    the primary container must be place in a secondary container
  12. When would a chain of custody form be used? Why would this form be needed?
    • drug testing
    • on all medicalegal specimen a chain of custody form must be completed and accompany the specimen
  13. The result of a test can change due to:

  14. Citrate tube must be within _____ percent of full to give accurate results.

  15. Circadian changes are best described as:

  16. Protecting a specimen from light is best done by:

  17. Specimen may be rejected for testing if:

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