Chapter 1: Assessment of Normal Gait Pattern

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  1. Stance Phase
    • Divided into:¬†
    • Initial contact
    • Foot flat
    • Mistance
    • Heel off
    • Preswing
  2. Initial Contact
    • Heel strikes ground
    • Limb prepares to absorb ground reaction forces
  3. Foot Flat
    • As limb is being loaded, individual makes subconscious decision regarding ability to tolerate the loading
    • May compensate as necessary
  4. Midstance
    • Foot fully flattens¬†
    • Trunk aligned over stance leg
  5. Heel Off
    Weight distribution shifts from entire foot to forefoot
  6. Preswing
    • Toe takes on final contact of stance phase
    • Force is accelerated to provide momentum for propulsion
  7. Swing Phase
    • Divided into:
    • Initial Swing
    • Midswing
    • Terminal Swing
  8. Initial Swing
    • Foot loses contact with ground
    • Accelerates forward
  9. Midswing
    Limb transitions from acceleration to deceleration
  10. Terminal Swing
    Limb decelerates and prepares for heel strike
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