1. Truck Check needs to be complete and entered by what time?
  2. PM sticker is in upper left corner of windshield.  At what point do mechanics need to be notified of upcoming PM service
    Within 200 miles of PM Due
  3. What is the proper voltage for batteries
    within 12-14volts.  Batteries less than 12 V need to be charged
  4. Non-maintenance batteries level should be at what level when inspected? What should they be filled with?
    3/4 " from top.  If fluid appears concave it is full.  If necessary fill with distilled water when possible.
  5. Ideally air brake tanks should be 120PSI each. what are Indications of air brake tank leak
    Losing 2 psi per minute or continuoulsy bleeding below 100PSI
  6. Where should the alternator gauge read when turning the truck on?
    12.5-14 Volts
  7. What is the proper running water temperature
    180-210 Degrees
  8. Doors, Locks, Handles and Hinges
    If the hinges or tracks need to be cleaned, clean them with a mild soap and water.  Lubricate the door tracks with silicone spray
  9. Equipment, tools and FF equipment
    • Engine inventory should be performed daily
    • Check condition and clean if necessary all equipment
    • Know each piece of equipment
    • If broken or missing get it replaced
    • make sure working parts are functioning
    • know adapters/fittings
  10. Tachometer
    Measures RPM. Idle 550-650. Fast idle is 900-1100 RPM
  11. Fuel Gauge should read
    Should never drop below 1/2 tank
  12. Oil Pressure should read?
  13. Each truck should have its own city yard key.  This key is numbered?
  14. Tire Pressure PSI range
    100-120 PSI
  15. DOT minimum tread specs
    • 2/32 rears
    • 4/32 fronts
  16. Stars or cracks in windshields are handled how?
    It should be written up and called in for repair immediately
  17. Quick and Easy Apparatus Check
    • Approach and Walk around
    • Engine Compartment
    • Under the truck
    • Drivers Seat Check
    • Engine Start Up
    • Pump Check
    • Miscellaneous Checks
  18. Cavitation
    • An increase in RPM w/o an increase in PDP
    • Caused by Air bubbles in hot water in the pump
  19. Cavitation Indications
    • loss of pressure
    • increase in pump speed w/o corresponding increase in pump pressure
    • Vibration
    • Sound like gravel or marbles going through pump
  20. Emergency Response Criteria
    • Maximum 10MPH over posted speed limit
    • Traveling in center or oncoming lanes, 20MPH Maximum
    • Traveling in center or oncoming traffic, complete stop at all traffic lights/signs
    • Posted speed limit when entering intersections with green light
    • Complete stop at all red lights/stop signs
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