Champions 100: Networking

  1. Collision
    When Traffic on the network crashes into each other.  This means the messages will have to be sent again.
  2. STP
    • Spanning Tree Protocol
    • This is used when traffic is going around and around in cricles.  To stop the STP blocks off one of the roads (Paths)
  3. VPN
    Virtual Private Network
  4. Stack
    This is like 2 Neighboring Post offices merging.  They now act like 1 Post oFfice, and if you set a rule for one post office both have to follow the new rule.
  5. Trunk
    Like a decicated internal road between 2 post offices.  They act independently but can share information.
  6. LAG
    • Link Aggregation
    • A LAG allows you to add more lanes to the road to allow more traffic.  or if one lane is blocked to keep the traffic flowing in the other lanes.
  7. IP Address
    This is like a Street address and looks like
  8. Subnet
    Like an area.  Your address needs to be in the right area.
  9. MAC Address
    Like a GPS loaction.  You can change teh number on the door but the physical location will be the same.  Each GPS is unique, but people can give themselves the same street address.
  10. DHCP
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    • Will assign street adrees out to people automatically
  11. DNS
    Domain Name Service

    Will convert street addresses into post codes
  12. Firewall
    Acts like postal security or customs.  Follows a set of rules to scan traffic and block suspicious traffic.  Some times it gets it wrong.
  13. Jumbo Frames
    If you want to send big packages you need to put it in a big box and everyone needs to be aware of how big it is.  So you need to configure jumbo frames from end to end.  Also, putting small items into big boxes is a waste of resources, so jumbo frames should only be configured for larger file transferes.
  14. TCP
    • Transmission Control Protocol
    • Your average service
    • Messages get sent both ways and if there is a problem it'll try to fix it.
  15. UCP
    • User Datagram Protocol
    • This is like having a personal courier, it'll be really fast getting your package from one person to the other, but it can only take one package at a time., if anything happens to your message you have to find another courier and send again.
  16. iSCSI
    • Internet Small computer System Interface
    • Like UPS only used for parcels (storage Data)
  17. HTTP
    • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    • Language of the internet
  18. FTP
    • File Transfer Protocol
    • Works on top of TCP
    • like using standrad postal service to sned a parcel
  19. SNMP
    Simple Network Management Protocol

    Works like and internal communications department.  Sends out important messages for information sharing
  20. Image Upload 1
    Label Diagram
  21. NPAR
    • NIC Partitioning
    • Splits a route up between delivery people
    • Route needs to be big enough to accomodate the extra staff
  22. IP V4 vs V6


    All the v4 addresses are used up
  23. Converged Networks
    A converged HBA can handle both fiber traffic and standard TCP traffic.  It can use the Ethernet network to transport the fiber data until it gets to a converged switch, then it keeps the fiber traffic going over the faster cables
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