Chemistry Midterm 2

  1. Ionic bond is formed between 

    B. a metal and nonmetal
  2. A covalent bond is formed between

    C. two nonmetals
  3. For the following molecules are these inter or intramolecule forces? 
    NaCl and H2O
    NaCl intermolecular force because it is the force between a molecule 

    H2O is a intramolecular force because it is the force between atoms in a molecule
  4. Fill in the blank:

    ____________ is a hypothetical series of steps that represent the formation of an ionic compound from its component atoms.
    Hess’s Law of Heat Summation
  5. Fill in the blank:
    __________ is the energy associated with the stability caused by the formation of an ionic
    lattice. It explains the extreme stability and high melting point of ionic solids.
    Lattice energy
  6. How do you determine if the bonds are polar or nonpolar?
  7. Through change in electronegativity and bond
  8. Fill in the blank:

    The polarity of a bond (or a molecule) can be quantified using its ______ _______, which occurs anytime there is a separation between a positive and negative charge.
    dipole moment
  9. The dipole moment for a molecule is measured in deybe (D). What does 1D equivalent too?
    1D= 3.34 x 10-30 C x m
  10. Fill in the blank: 

    ____ _____ can be used to determine the percent ionic character of a bond.
    dipole moment
  11. What is the formula for percent ionic character?
    • %Ionic Character= measured D of bond
    •                 D if e- was completely transferred 
    • x100
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