Science P3

  1. primary energy source
    a source of energy before conversion to useful energy
  2. fossil fuels
    fuel such as coal, oil or natural gas formed millions of years ago from dead plant and animal
  3. nuclear fuels
    radioactive fuels
  4. biofuels
    fuel such as wood and ethanol obtained from living plants
  5. secondary energy source
    a more convenient form of energy such as electricity and refined fuels
  6. green house gas
    a gas such as carbon dioxide that reduces the amount of infra-red radiation escaping from earth into space. contributes to global warming
  7. global warming
    gradual increase in the average temperature of earth's surface
  8. watts
    unit of power
  9. power
    amount of energy that something transfers each second measured in watts
  10. voltage
    a measure of the energy carried by an electrical current
  11. current
    a flow of electrons through an electrical circuit
  12. rate
    speed, the amount of times something does something in a set time period
  13. rating
    an assessment or classification according to a scale.
  14. component
    part of an electrical circuit
  15. sankey diagram
    diagram showing how the energy used is transferred into useful and waste energy
  16. energy input/output
    the amount of energy put in/ out
  17. efficiency
    a measure of how effectively an appliance transfers energy into useful energy
  18. generator
    equipment for producing electricity
  19. electromagnetic
    a magnet that is only a magnet when switched on
  20. turbine
    device that makes a generator spin thus creating electricity
  21. reactor
    the part of a nuclear power station where energy is released from nuclear fuel
  22. radio active
    a material that randomly emits ionising radiation from its atomic nuclei
  23. wind turbine
    uses the wind to create energy
  24. wave technology
    uses wave power to create energy
  25. hydroelectric
    uses water to create energy
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