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  1. The floor of controlled airspace at BRT, 4Y3, 4V4, is _____ AGL or _______ MSL.
    700; 1400
  2. When issuing a clearance to an aircraft at a location with ATC service, specify the _____ and initial heading.
    direction of turn
  3. When it is not included in the SID, specify the _____
  4. In the event of a lost or overdue AC, suspend or restrict IFR traffic for a period of ____ minutes
  5. In the event of two way radio comm failure in VFR conditions, the pilot shall continue the flight under VFR and ______
    Land as soon as practicable
  6. If an IFR aircraft refuses to take a delay on the ground and insists on departving VFR, inform the facility/sector of _____
    both the pilots intentions and the VFR departure time
  7. The distance that must be maintained from an obstacle until the aircraft reports leaving an altitude above the obstacle is ______ miles
  8. Separate aircraft departing from same or adjacent airports by 1 mile provided radar id is established within 1 mile of the takeoff end and courses will diverge by ____ degrees or more.
  9. Separate aircraft departing the same runway or parallel rnways takeoff courses separated by less than 2500 feet by ____ miles if courses diverge immediately after departure
  10. Authorize simultaneous takeoffs if nonintersecting runways diverge by ____ degrees or more
  11. Issue current touchdown rvr when:
    • prevailing visibility is 1 mile or less
    • there is a reportable value of 6000 feet or less.
  12. Issue a both midpoint; and roll out RVR when:
    the value of either is less than 2000 and the touchdown RVR is greater than the midpoint or rollout RVR
  13. Which one do you issue?
    • Tchdown     Midpoint      Roll out
    • 2400           2200            2000
    • 1600           1800            2000
    • 2000           1800             1600
    • 2500            1600            1400
  14. When is approach information provided to the pilot?
    on intial contact, asap, or pilot request
  15. A ____ procedure is published for public use
  16. A _____ procedure is approved by the FAA but is not published for public use
  17. An aircraft is operating on an unpublished route. When may you issue the approach clearance?
    When the AC is established on a published route or instrument approach procedure
  18. An _____ is an imaginary point used within ATC as a basis for vectoring aircraft to the final approach course.
    Approach gate
  19. Vector an AC to intercept the final approach course at least _____ miles outside the approach gate unless the ceiling is at least ____ above the MVA and reported visibility is at least ____ miles
    • 2
    • 500
    • 3
  20. Assign headings to intercept the final approach course on a track not to exceed:
    ____ degrees when less than 2 miles from the approach gate
    ____ degrees when 2 miles or more from the approach gate
    • 20
    • 30
  21. The radar controller performing approach control functions is responsible for separation of radar arrivals unless _____ or _____
    • visual separation is provided by the tower
    • an LoA authorizes otherwise
  22. When runway centerlines are at least 2500 feet but NO more than 4300 feet apart, what is the minimum radar separation required diaganolly between successive arivals?
    1.5 miles
  23. When an AC is in the NTZ, primary responsibility for navigation rests with the _____
  24. What instructions must be issued to an AC not established on an approach segment or published route?
    An altitude to maintain until established
  25. The minimum separation required during the turn on to final approach course between ac conducting parallel ils approaches with runways separated by at least 2000 feet is ____ feet or _____ miles
    • 1000
    • 3
  26. Is a VFR AC that was cleared for an instrument approach authorized to conduct a missed approach?
  27. When shall all VFR aircraft that want to conduct practice instrument approaches be advised to maintain VFR?
    on initial contact
  28. Under what conditions may an AC be cleared for a contact approach?
    • the pilot requests it
    • the reported ground visibility is at least 1SM
    • published instrument approach procedure
    • approved separation provided
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