Hem Lec Ch5

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  1. The progression of erithropoiesis from prenatal life to adulthood is?
    • Yolk sac - liver
    • Spleen - red bone marrow
  2. Characteristic of erithropoietin is?
    • Glycoprotein 
    • secreated by the liver and kidney 
    • produced primarily in the liver of the unborn
  3. Stimulation of erithropoieten is caused by?
    tissue hypoxia
  4. With a normal diet, an erythrocyte remains in the reticulocyte stage in the circulating blood for?
    1 day
  5. in a Wright stained peripheral blood film, the reticulocyte will have a blue appearance. This is referred to as?
  6. In the reticulocyte stage of erythrocyte development
    • Full hemaglobinization of the cell occurs
    • RNA is catabolized and ribosomes disintegrate
  7. Normal range of reticulocytes in adult is?
  8. If a mail patient has a reticulocyte count of 5% and a packed cell count of 0.45 L/L what is his corrected reticulocyte count?
  9. what is the formula for corrected reticulocyte count?
    corected rtic coun = (retic count %) x (patient packed cell volume / 0.45L/L)
  10. Normal adult hemoglobin is made up of?
    3 Alpha chains and 1 Beta chain
  11. The number of Hemo groups in a hemoglobin molecule is?
  12. Fetal hemoglobin has ______ for oxygen then____?
    • Greater affinity 
    • normal adult
  13. Oxyhemoglobin is a ________ then deoxyhemoglobin
    Stronger acid
  14. Heme is synthesized predominantly in?
    • Liver 
    • Red Bone marrow
  15. an acquired disorder of of heme synthesis is?
    led poisoning
  16. The protein responsible for the transport of iron in hemoglobin synthesis is?
  17. Relative polycythemia exists when
    the plasma volume is decreased
  18. The major hemoglobin type that is present in normal adult is ?
    type A
  19. Fetal hemoglobin is?
    hemoglobin F
  20. Fetal hemoglobin ( hemoglobin F) persists until?
    several month after birth
  21. what happens when erythrocyte ages?
    • the membrane becomes less flexible with loss of cell membrane
    • cellular hemoglobin increases 
    • enzyme activity decreases, particularly glycolysis
  22. The upper limit of the reference range of hemoglobin in adult male _____, Female _____
    Male: 14.0 - 18.0 g/dL

    Female: 12.0 - 16.0 g/dL
  23. Normal volume of MCV is?
    80-96 fL
  24. Normal volume of MCH is?
    27.5 - 33.2 pg
  25. Normal volume of MCHC is?
    32 - 36 g/dL
  26. MCV means?
    mean corpuscular volume
  27. MCV measures ______ of _____________
    • average volume 
    • erythrocytes
  28. MCH stands for?
    Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin
  29. MCH expresses the __________ in ______________?
    • Average Hemoglobin weight
    • average erythrocyte
  30. MCHC is?
    Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
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