Italiano 7: Activities

  1. Alzarsi
    To get up
  2. Lavarsi
    To wash oneself
  3. Vestirsi
    To dress oneself
  4. Lavorare
    To work
  5. Lavare i piatti
    To wash the dishes
  6. Buttare la spazzatura
    To take out the trash
  7. Fare
    To do/make
  8. Arrivare
    To arrive
  9. Celebrare/Festeggiare
    To celebrate
  10. Svegliarsi
    To wake yourself up
  11. Farsi la doccia
    To take a shower
  12. Addormentarsi
    To fall asleep
  13. Fare le faccende
    To do chores
  14. Cucinare
    To cook
  15. Frequentare il liceo
    To attend high school
  16. Frequentare l'universita
    To attend college
  17. Andare
    To go
  18. Divertirsi
    To enjoy yourself
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Italiano 7: Activities
This is a list of Italian activities for the 7th grade level. Enjoy!