Psyc Chp. 6 Terms

  1. Operant Conditioning
    Learning controlled by the consequences of the organism's behavior
  2. Law of Effect
    If we're rewarded for a response to a stimulus, we're more likely to repeat that response to the stimulus in the future
  3. Insight
    Grasping the underlying nature of the problem
  4. Insight learning
    Once an individual solves the problem, they get the answer right almost every time after that
  5. Reinforcement
    Any outcome that strengthens the probability of a response
  6. Positive Reinforcement
    We administer a stimulus
  7. Negative Reinforcement
    We take away a stimulus
  8. Punishment
    Any outcome that weakens the probability of a response
  9. Positive Punishment
    Administer a stimulus that the organism wants to avoid,like getting hit
  10. Negative Punishment
    The removal of a stimulus that the organism wishes to experience
  11. Discriminative stimulus
    Any stimulus that signals the presence of reinforcement
  12. Spontaneous Recovery
    Sudden reemergence of an extinguished response after a delay
  13. Stimulus Discrimination
    Displaying a less pronounced response to stimuli that differ from the original stimulus
  14. Stimulus Generalization
    Displaying a response to stimuli similar to but not identical to the original stimulus
  15. Schedule of reinforcement
    Pattern of reinforcing behavior
  16. Continuous Reinforcement
    Reinforcing behavior every time it occurs, resulting in faster learning but faster extinction than only occasional reinforcement
  17. Partial Reinforcement
    Only occasional reinforcement of a behavior, resulting in slower extinction than if the behavior had been reinforced continually
  18. Fixed Ratio Schedule
    Provide reinforcement  after a regular number of responses
  19. Variable Ratio Schedule
    Provide reinforcement after a specific number of responses on average, but the precise number of responses required during any given period varies randomly
  20. Fixed Interval Schedule
    Provide reinforcement for producing the response at least once after a specified amount of time has passed
  21. Variable Interval Schedule
    Provide reinforcement for producing the response after an average time interval, with the actual interval varying randomly
  22. Shaping
    Conditioning a target behavior by progressively reinforcing behaviors that come closer and closer to the target
  23. Secondary Reinforcer
    Neutral object that becomes associated with a primary reinforcer
  24. Primary Reinforcer
    Item or outcome that naturally increases the target behavior
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