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  1. Administrative law
    Source of American law that cosists of the rules, orders, and decisions of administrative agencies
  2. Case Law
    • the doctrines and principles announced in cases
    • part of common law tradition
    • governs all areas not covered by statutory law or adminstrative law
  3. Constitutional law
    Law expressed in the constitutions
  4. court of equity
    formal chancery courts
  5. courts of law
    awarded compensations
  6. Damages
    An amount given to a party whose legal interests have been injured
  7. equitable maxims
    Propositions or general statements of equitable rules
  8. ordinances
    Statues passed by municipal or county governerning units to govern matters not covered by federal or state law.
  9. Precedent
    a decision that furnishes an example or authority for deciding subsequent cases involving identical or similar legal principles or facts
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