Anatomy of the Heart

  1. Pericardium
    Connective tissure sac surrounding the heart
  2. epicardium
    Layer of connective tissue closely affixed to outer surface of the heart
  3. myocardium
    Cardiac muscle that forms the walls of the heart
  4. Interventricular septum
    the muscular wall seperating the right an dleft ventricles of the heart
  5. Atrioventricular(AV) valves
    • Valve betwwen the atrium and ventricle fo the heart
    • AV valve on the right side: Tricuspid valve
    • AV on the the left side: Bicuspid valve or Mitral valve
  6. Papillary muscles
    Muscular projections from interior of ventricular chambers that connect to atrioventricular valves and prevent backward flow of blood during ventricular contraction
  7. Chordae tendineae
    strong, fibrous cords that connect papillary muscles to the edges of atrioventricular valves; they prevent backward flow of blood during ventricular systole
  8. Conducting System
    Network  of cardiac muscle fibers specialized to conduct electrical activity between different area of heart
  9. Coronary blood flow
    blood flow to heart muscle
  10. Sinoatrial node
    A region in right atrium of heart containing specialized cardiac muscle cells that depolarize spontaneously faster than othe cells in the conducting system; determines heart rate
  11. Atrioventricular (AV) node
    Region at base of right atrium near interventricular septum specialized cardiac muscle cells through which electrical activity must pass to go from atria to ventricles
  12. Internodal Pathway
    low-resistance conducting-cell pathway connecting the sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodes of the heart
  13. Bundle of His
    Nervelike structure composed of modified heart cells that carries electrical impulses from the atrioventricular node down the interventricular septum
  14. Purkinje Fiber
    Specialized myocardial cell that constitutes part of conducting system of heart; conveys exciation from bundle branches to ventricular muscle
  15. What are the only sources of electrical connection between the atria and ventricles?
    • AV node
    • Bundle of His
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