Anatomy Quiz 2 1

  1. Hip joint articulation
    • Synovial joint, ball and socket
    • Head of femur and acetabulum
  2. Hip joint supporting structures
    • Labrum
    • Articular capsule
    • Iliofemoral ligament
    • Ischiofemoral ligament
    • Pubofemoral ligament
    • Ligamentum capitis femoris
    • Transverse acetabular ligament
  3. Articular capsule proximal attachment
    • Anterior: margin/rim of acetabular labrum
    • Posterior: 5-6 mm beyond labrum
  4. Articular capsule distal attachments
    • Anterior: intertrochanteric line
    • Posterior: proximal to intertrochanteric crest
  5. Zona orbicularis
    Circular fibers of articular capsule
  6. Iliofemoral ligament (Y ligament of Bigelow)
    • Proximal attachment: AIIS
    • Distal attachment:
    • --- vertical band: intertrochanteric line (distomedially)
    • --- lateral band: intertrochanteric line (proximolaterally)
    • function: limits extension, abduction (vertical fibers), internal rotation (lateral fibers)
    • prevents pelvis from rolling off femoral heads
    • important for paraplegic- transfers
  7. pubofemoral ligament
    • proximal attachment: obturator crest and superior ramus of pubis
    • distal attachment: articular capsule and iliofemoral ligament (intertrochanteric line?)
    • function: limits extension, abduction (prevents dislocations)
  8. ischiofemoral ligament (ligament of bertin)
    • proximal attachment: to ischium distal and posterior to acetabulum
    • distal attachment fibers integrate with zona orbicularis as travel to region proximal to intertrochanteric crest
    • function: limits extension, internal rotation (due to spiraling fibers)
  9. ligamentum capitus femoris (ligamentum teres/ ligament of the head of the femur)
    • Rims of acetabulum, fuse with labrum, goes into joint cavity and attaches onto fovea of head of femur
    • Taut: flexion and adduction or flexion and external rotation
  10. transverse acetabular ligament
    • connects two rims of lunar surface or acetabulum, fuses with labrum
    • increases congruency
    • converts acetabular notch into foramen
    • prevents inferior displacement
  11. what hip ligaments resist extension
    • iliofemoral
    • ischiofemoral
    • pubofemoral
  12. what hip ligaments resist abduction
    • iliofemoral (vertical fibers)
    • pubofemoral
  13. what hip ligament resists internal rotation
    • iliofemoral (lateral fibers)
    • ischiofemoral
  14. what hip ligament resists flexion and adduction
    ligamentum teres
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