1. adumbrate
    to foreshadow vaguely 2. to suggest or outline partially 3. to overshadow, obscure
  2. abide
    to wait for, endure without yielding, tolerate 2. to remain stable or fixed in a state
  3. sojourn
    a temporary stay
  4. abject
    sunk to or existing in a low state or condition, cast down, servile, spiritless
  5. abjure
    to reject solemnly 2. to abstain from, avoid
  6. abnegation
    denial, esp. self-denial
  7. archtypal
    the original pattern or model, perfect example
  8. burnish
    to make shiny or lustrous esp. by rubbing; polish
  9. arbitration
    the process of settling a dispute through an arbiter (one who judges and settles a controversy)
  10. canvass
    to examine in detail, discuss, debate 2. o go through a district or people in order to solicit orders or political support or det. opinions or sentiments
  11. bourgeois
    of the social middle class 2. marked by a concern for material interests
  12. anachronistic
    an error in chronology or being from a former age incongruous in the present
  13. brusque
    markedly short and abrupt, blunt in manner or speech
  14. aggrandize
    to make greater, increase, enlarge.
  15. auspicious
    propitious, favorable
  16. amenity
    something that gives comfort; quality of being pleasant or agreeable
  17. astute
    having or showing shrewdness and perspicacity
  18. deleterious
    harmful often in a subtle or unexpected way, ~effects, ~to health
  19. delineate
    to indicate, or mark the outlines of , to describe with accuracy or detail
  20. demarcation
    to set apart, distinguish. 2. delimit; set the limits of
  21. demean
    to conduct or behave usually in a proper manner 2. to lower in character, status or rep
  22. demure
    reserved, modest 2. affectedly modest or serious, coy
  23. denigrate
    to attack the rep of, defame 2. to deny the importance or validity of, belittle
  24. depravity
    corrupt act or practice; being corrupted or evil
  25. deprecate
    to pray against; to seek to avert 2. to express disapproval of 3. to play down, make little of
  26. desiccated
    to dry up 2. dehydrate (a food) 3. to drain of emotional or intellectual vitality
  27. destitute
    lacking something needed or possessions a lake~of fish
  28. diaphanous
    characterized by fineness of texture as to permit seeing through 2. charac. by extreme delicacy of form; ethereal 3. insubstantial, vague ~hope of success
  29. diffident
    hesitant in action or speak through lack of self confidence; distrustful, reserved
  30. dilatory
    tending to cause delay; charac. by procrastination
  31. diminutive
    exceptionally small; tiny, miniature
  32. dirge
    a song of grief or lamentation esp one w/ a funeral or memorial
  33. disaffected
    discontented and resentful esp. of authority; rebellious
  34. adulation
    excessive or slavish admiration or flattery
  35. berate
    to scold or condemn vehemently and at length
  36. ambivalent
    simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings about something
  37. amenable
    liable to be brought to account citizens~to the law 2. capable of submission, ready to yield or cooperate
  38. buttress
    support, strengthen 2. n. a projecting structure of masonry or wood to support a wall or building
  39. capitulate
    to surrender; to cease resisting
  40. arbiter
    a person who has power to judge 2. a person or agency whose judgment or opinion is considered authoritative
  41. allay
    to subdue, alleviate in intensity; to make quiet, calm
  42. aspersion
    a false or misleading charge meant to harm someone's reputation; defamation
  43. abscond
    to sneak away and hide oneself
  44. abrogate
    to abolish w/ authoritative action; annul
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