psychopathology ch 1

  1. behaviorism
    theory put forth by John B Watson emphasizing that behavior is determined by learning experiences
  2. behavior modification or behavior therapy
    explicit application of learning principles to the assessment & treatment of behavioral problems
  3. culture
    a way of life that is transmitted from generation to generation, organizing people by specific ways of life, shared environmental niches & shared attitudes
  4. cultural norms
    acceptable behaviors within a culture group
  5. child guidance movement
    focusing on the mental health of children in efforts to increase prevention of adults with mental health disorders
  6. developmental norms
    standards of evaluation that describe typical rates of growth, sequences of growth, & forms of physical skills, language, cognition, emotion & social behavior
  7. demonology
    belief that behavior results from a persons being possessed or otherwise influenced by evil spirits or demons
  8. ethnicity
    depicting groups of people with common customs, values, language or traits that are associated with national origin or geographical area
  9. gender norms
    expectations of normal behavior based on gender
  10. informed consent
    requirement that the client consent to participate with full understanding of how his or her treatment will proceed
  11. mental hygiene movement
    movement in the 20th century aimed to increase understanding, improve treatment & prevent mental disorders from occurring at all
  12. psychoanalytic theory
    term put forth by Freud to describe the basis of personality development & the key to understanding behavior
  13. psychogenesis
    belief that mental problems are caused by psychological variables
  14. race
    organize individuals and groups based on physical characteristics
  15. situational norms
    normal behavior based on specific settings or situations
  16. syndromes
    grouping of particular symptoms stemming from a common physical cause
  17. secular trends
    conclusions drawn over a period of years
  18. somatogenesis
    belief that mental disorder can be attributed to bodily malfunction or imbalance
  19. social learning or cognitive behavioral perspectives
    approaches that emphasize the combination of learning principles & the social context and/or cognition
  20. therapeutic alliance
    trusting bond on a personal level, between mental health professional & client in efforts to increase the chance of a positive outcome in therapy
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