737 Flight controls

  1. Is one hydraulic system have sufficient  pressure to provide full maneuverability for flight contorls?
  2. what flight controls are on hydraulic system A?
    System B? Both A&B?
    • A- Ground Spoilers, inboard flight spoilers, Alt Brakes, Left Thrust Reverse, Autopilot A, Nosewheel steering, Landing Gear, LG transfer switch.
    • B- TE Flaps, Autoslats LE devices, OB flight spoilers, Rt Thrust Rev, Normal Brakes, Autopilot B. 
    • Both- Rudder, AIleron, Elevator and Feel.
  3. What happens if Jammed aileron?
    What happens if jammed Spoilers?
    • FO controls Spoilers for Roll.
    • Capt controls control wheel.
  4. How is the stabilizer powered?
    What are the different ways Trim is controlled?
    • Elecrically with Stab Trim.
    • Electric trim switches, Autopilot Trim, Manual Trim wheel.
  5. Rudder normally is operated by system A&B what is its backup?
    What does FLight Force monitor?
    • Standby hydraulic system.
    • compares pressure form A&B in case of opposite control pressure. activates the standby sys to overpressure the input.
  6. What is Rudder Pressure Mode?
    • Rudder pressure and deflection reduced by 1/3 passing 1000ft.
    • Full pressure recovered descending through 700 ft. 
    • N1 difference is <45%
    • Hyd sys B is normal.
  7. What is the backup for Ailerons?
    mecchanically controlled.
  8. What are the high lift devices?
    What are they powered by?
    • 4 LE Flaps, Six Slats, 4 TE Flaps.
    • Hydraulic system B.
  9. What extends first Flaps or LE Devices?
    What happens when flaps are > 5?
    • TE FLaps extend first then LE Devices.
    • LE Flaps go from EXt to FULL EXT.
  10. What two speeds does the electric trim have?
    High speed with flaps extended, low speed with flaps retracted.
  11. What are the requirements for takeoff warning?
    • Flaps not in T/O config
    • stab trim not within green band
    • speed brake lever not in down detent.
    • will set alarm when throttles are advanced.
  12. autobrakes operate automatically during RTO with?
    during landing?
    • thrust reverse, and wheel spin up of more than 60 kts.
    • both throttles at idle, 2 main wheel spinups, speed brake lever to up .
  13. What makes the ground spoilers extend?
    All spoilers?
    • Rt MLG compression
    • if no wheel spinup Rt MLG compression.
  14. What is meant when AMBER SPDBRK Do NOt ARM?
    Speedbrakeshave to be moved manually. No Auto speedbrakes.
  15. When will Autobrakes Retract?
    Any advance in throttles.
  16. Amber Mach Trim, Speed Trim, Auto Slat Fail lights illuminate master caution when?
    both Flight control computers (FCC) fail. 
  17. What is the manual reversion for rudders, ailerons, and elevators?
    • Rudder- standby system
    • Aileron and elevator- mechanical linkage, lose aileron trim.
  18. is there asymmetry protection for flaps in normal mode? alternate system?
    yes, no
  19. what does the flap load relief system do?
    prevents flaps from being oversped from 30* to 40*.
  20. with TE Flaps in position1 to 5  and plane approaching a stall what do the autoslats do? what hydraulic system are they powered by?
    • extend slats form EXT to FULL EXT until pitch is reduced. operates before stick shaker.
    • HYD sys B.
  21. Flap speeds
    230 knots?- alternate flap extension
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