1. Drugs that prevent an action or effect is the
  2. drugs that bind to receptors and produce an effect
  3. what is the trade name for a drug
    Lower case or capital letter
    • a name assigned to a drug by manufacturer copyrighted and cannot be use by another manufacturer
    • it also begins with a capital letter (Tylenol)
  4. the generic name for a tylenol is ___
    it has a lower case or capital letters
    • acetaminophen
    • lower case letter
  5. pharmacology
    study of drugs origin composition preparations and use
  6. pharmacokinetucs
    absorption distributon metabolism and excretion
  7. pharmocodynamics
    action od drugs on various tissues
  8. list of parenteral routes of administration
    iv im intrathecal intradermal subcutaneous
  9. peds dosages are rule by what factors
    age and weight
  10. what are analgesics
    list some
    • used to reduce pain
    • morphine demerol valium
  11. list one example of a sedative and what is it
    • benedryl
    • a sedative is a calming drug that has a tranquillizing effect to reduce anxiety
  12. what are ocmplications of IV's
    vasovagal reactions extravasation occlusion thrombus phlebitis
  13. what is angio
    describes radiographic examination of vascular structures after the introduction of contrast media
  14. what are the risks of catheterization
    • bleeding thrombus formation embolization
    • arterial dissection rupture ischemia organ damage death
  15. venous puncture techniques take place through what veins
    cubital and internal jugular
  16. what is the preprocedural care for catheterization
    • identify patient
    • check chart (history blood work signed consent)
    • introduce yourself and explain procedure
  17. what are catheters
    tubes of different length and diameters with holes at each end to allow for the passage of contrast media from an external source to a location inside the body
  18. what catheter made of this material allows it to be visualized under flouro
    radiopaque polyethylene
  19. how many holes are in the arterial catheter
    what is it used for
    what is the catheter shape
    • 1 end hole
    • 2 side holes
    • cerebral renal and arotic arch/abd uses
    • formed or straight
    • 90 degree pigtail or straight
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