-ER Verbs & Definitions

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  1. Adorer
    To love; To adore
  2. Aimer
    To like; To love
  3. Aimer mieux
    To prefer (to like better)
  4. Arriver
    To arrive
  5. Chercher
    To look for
  6. Commencer
    To begin; to start
  7. Dessiner
    To draw; to design
  8. Détester
    To hate
  9. Donner
    To give
  10. Étudier
    To study
  11. Habiter (à)
    To live (in)
  12. Manger
    To eat
  13. Oublier
    To forget
  14. Partager
    To share
  15. Penser (que/qu')
    To think (that...)
  16. Regarder
    To look (at)
  17. Rencontrer
    To meet
  18. Retrouver
    To meet up with; to find (again)
  19. Travailler
    To work
  20. Voyager
    To travel
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