Arabic 20 (4)

  1. رجع
    to return
  2. رغب
    to desire, to wish
  3. شجّع
    to encourage to
  4. ظنّ
    to think that, believe
  5. فشل
    to fail
  6. فصل
    to dismiss, fire
  7. فكّر
    to think about doing something
  8. استقرّ
    to settle down, become stable
  9. انتهى
    to finish (something)
  10. وجد
    to find
  11. اجتمع ب /مع
    to meet, gather (with)
  12. جاء ب، يجيء ب، المجيء ب
    to bring
  13. اختلف مع
    to have a disagreement, dispute with
  14. اختلف عن
    to differ from
  15. انشغل ب
    to be/ become (pre) occupied with
  16. اعتاد على + ان/ المصدر، يعتاد
    to get used to, accustomed to
  17. أفطر
    to break one's fast, especially in Ramadan; to have breakfast
  18. تولّى، يتولّى، التّولّي
    to undertake, assume (a task or position)
  19. آمن ب، يؤمن، الإيمان
    to believe in
  20. حتّى
    until; in order to
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Arabic 20 (4)