Managing the Pregnant Mare

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  1. What areas do you need to consider in a pregnant mare?
    • nutrition
    • vaccination
    • deworming
    • exercise
    • transportation
  2. Ideal BCS for pregnant mare:
  3. When do the pregnant mare's nutritional needs vary most?
    • after the first 8 months of pregnancy
    • after foaling
    • during lactation
  4. What nutrient requirements increase during the last trimester?
    • protein
    • calcium
    • sugars
    • phosphorus
  5. What food source should be avoided for pregnant mares?
    fescue hay and pastures
  6. What causes fescue hay/grass to be dangerous?
    • fungus endophyte
    • causes abortions and other problems
  7. Why do we vaccinate pregnant mares?
    • protect mare from disease
    • help prevent abortion
    • protect the foal by passive transfer of immunity through colostrum
  8. When should a mare not be vaccinated and why?
    • first 3-5 months of pregnancy
    • prevent stimulation of mare's immune system that could harm the foal
  9. When should a mare receive a full set of basic vaccinations?
    • 30 days prior to foaling
    • to stimulate the production of antibodies in the colostrum
  10. Is it safe to deworm pregnant mares?
    yes, make sure to read the label and keep them on the same deworming schedule as other adult horses
  11. What can be given to the mare on the day of foaling?
    ivermectin to prevent transmission of parasites to the foal
  12. Can you exercise a pregnant mare?
    yes, for the first 2/3 of pregnancy as long as they are used to that type of exercise
  13. When should a mare arrive at her foaling site?
    4 to 6 weeks prior to the due date
  14. When is it safe for mares to travel?
    • early stages of pregnancy
    • not during the last month of gestation
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