1. The distance from Crest to Crest is called 
  2. The number of waves passing a complete per unit time is called
  3. If a wavelength increases what happens to the frequency
    Frequency decreases
  4. These wavelengths are more penetrating
    Short Wavelength
  5. These wavelengths are less penetrating
    Long wavelengths
  6. Travel at the speed of light
  7. a x ray beam containing many different energies is called
  8. The collection of all different energies (wavelengths) of x-rays are called the
    X ray emission spectrum
  9. Usually a sheet of aluminum placed in the primary beam just as it exits the x-ray tube & before it reaches the collector is called
    A Filter
  10. What 2 things causes INHERENT FILTRATION in the xray tube
    Gas & oil
  11. Total filtration must be at least how much
    2.5 mm aluminum equivalent
  12. What is the result of removing soft rays from the x-ray beam
    Lower patients dose
  13. Which transformer operate on the princible of self induction
  14. Which transformer operates on the principle of mutual induction
    Step up transformers
  15. What changes AC to DC
  16. What is the measure used for tube current
  17. The_____ attempts to narrow the stream of electrons as it leaves the cathode filament
    Focusing Cup
  18. What 2 materials are used in the xray tube housing to minimize leakage radiation
    Aluminum lined with lead
  19. X-rays produced by slowing of incoming electrons by the target atoms slowing released energy in the form of x-rays
    Bremsstrahlung (Brems) X-rays
  20. What X rays are produced when incoming electrons at the anode dislodge orbital electrons from the target material & outer shell electrons filll the vacancy by doing so releases energy in the form of X-rays
    Characteristic x-rays
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