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  1. What is dellen?
    Corneal thinning adjacent to raised corneal/limbal lesions
  2. What causes dellen?
    • Pterygium sx
    • Filter bleb
    • Tumors
    • Focal dehydration
    • Poor fitting RGPS
  3. What time of day is exposure keratopathy worse?
    In the morning
  4. What is thygeson's SPK?
    • Grey-white elevated corneal epithelial opacities
    • Found in 20s-30s
  5. When is thermal/UV keratopathy worse?
    6-12 hrs after exposure
  6. What are classic signs of keratoconus?
    • Bilateral
    • Fleisher's ring
    • Vogt's striae
    • Munson's sign
    • Hydrops
    • Rizzuti's sign
  7. Where on the cornea is thinnest in keratoconus?
  8. Where on the cornea is thinnest in pellucid marginal degeneration?
  9. What congenital inheritance is keratoglobus?
    Autosomal recessive
  10. What conditions are associated with keratoglobus?
    • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
    • Blue sclera
    • Leber's congenital amaurosis
  11. What is Reis-buckler dystrophy?
    Abnormal development of bowman's that causes opacities
  12. What stromal corneal dystrophy is least common but most severe?
    Macular dystrophy
  13. What stromal corneal dystrophy is most common?
    Granular dystrophy
  14. What causes irregular grey-white spots in macular dystrophy?
  15. What causes the snowflake granules in granular dystrophy?
  16. What causes the lattice-like lines in lattice dystrophy?
  17. What stromal corneal dystrophy is autosomal recessive?
    Macular dystrophy
  18. What is Schnyder's dystrophy?
    Yellow-white stromal crystals in hazy cornea, from hyperlipidemia
  19. What are the beaten bronze bodies named found in Fuchs?
    Hassal-henle bodies in descemet's
  20. What is posterior polymorphous dystrophy?
    Bilateral asymmetric subtle patches of vesicles
  21. What conditions are associated with megalocornea?
    • Marfans
    • Ehlers-danlos
    • Osteogenesis imperfecta
  22. What type of ametropia is found in megalocornea?
    High myopia and astig
  23. What type of ametropia is found in microcornea?
  24. What other diseases are associated with cornea plana?
    • Sclerocornea
    • Microcornea
  25. What are Haab's striae?
    Horizontal cracks in descemet's from congenital glaucoma
  26. What is posterior embryotoxon?
    Anterior displaced schwalbe's line
  27. What is axenfeld's anomaly?
    Prominent iris strands + PE
  28. What is Rieger's anomaly?
    PE+axenfeld's+displaced pupil
  29. What is Rieger's syndrome?
    Reiger's anomaly+mental retardation, dental, facial and skeletal abnormalities
  30. What is Peter's anomaly?
    Central corneal opacity with iris adhesions
  31. What fungal keratitis are filamentous?
    • Aspergillus
    • Fusarium
  32. What fungal keratitis is not filamentous?
  33. Which herpes type has dendrites?
  34. Which corneal diseases have pseudodendrites?
    • Acanthamoeba
    • HZV
  35. What culture is used for herpes virus?
    Giemsa stain
  36. What is the most common form of Mooren's ulcer?
    • Unilateral
    • Benign
    • Found in older patients
  37. What is the most severe form of Mooren's ulcer?
    • Bilateral
    • Aggressive
    • Young Nigerian males
  38. What systemic condition is associated with Mooren's ulcer?
    Hep C
  39. What demographic is typical in Terrien's marginal degeneration:
    Men 40+
  40. What is terrien's marginal degeneration?
    Bilateral slowly progressing periph thinning with otherwise healthy eye
  41. What demographic is salzmann's nodular degeneration found?
  42. What is limbal girdle of vogt?
    Bilateral chalk-like linear opacities nasal limbus
  43. What layer is affected by band keratopathy?
  44. What is crocodile shagreen?
    Bilateral polygonal stromal opacities that are asymptomatic
  45. What is corneal farinata
    Asymptomatic bilateral flour dust in deep stroma
  46. What are the dimensions of the avg cornea?
    12mm x 11mm
  47. What is the radius of curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea?
  48. What is the radius of curvature of the posterior surface?
  49. What is the avg central corneal thickness?
    530 um
  50. What is the avg periph corneal thickness?
  51. What is the total turnover time for cornea epithelium?
    7 days
  52. What layer of the cornea forms scars?
  53. What keeps the fibrils in the stroma evenly-spaced?
    Negative charge of glycosaminoglycans
  54. What layer is copper deposited in wilson's disease?
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