History 202 Test 1

  1. Preservationist
    Founded the Sierra Club
    John Muir
  2. Destroyed Indian tribes
    Introduced private land ownership
    Feds gave native households land, leftover land sold off
    After 25 years natives get US citizenship
    Pueblo, Zuni, Hopi excluded. Tribes went underground.
    Dawes Act
  3. Ranchers fought over land while laying barbed wire
    Border/water issues
    Famous - Lincoln County War
    Range Wars
  4. wrote A Sentry of Dishonor
    HH Jackson
  5. Standard Oil
    "no competition = efficiency"
    JD Rockefeller
  6. The black Moses
    Argued blacks couldn't make it in South, led them West
    Followers were Exodusters
    B Singleton
  7. Bethlehem Steel
    Sold company, wrote The Gospel of Wealth
    A Carnegie
  8. The Industrial Workers of the World
    Syndicalism = violence is acceptable to meet goals
    W Haywood
  9. Invented barbed wire
    J Glidden
  10. Lots of $$, saved banks, lent to gov
    Bought Carnegie Steel, created USS (US Steel)
    J P Morgan
  11. Founder of KKK
    hate blacks, carpetbaggers, scalawags
    NB Forrust
  12. 1: Evangelism - Washington Gladden saved people
    -Social responsibility for the troubled
    2: Revivalism - Billy Sunday / Dwight Moody
    -Personal responsibility
    Social Gospel Movement
  13. Roman Catholic Response to the Social Gospel Movement
    The Knights of Columbus
  14. Super rich
    Positive view = Captains of Industry
    Negative view = Robber Barons
    Plutocrats and their images
  15. -George Wheeler
    -Ferdinand Haydon
    -Clarence King (mapped Rockies, first director of US Geological Survey)
    -John Wesley Powell (first citizen to nav the CO river)
    The Big 4
  16. Tenure of Office Act, Military Act
    How radicals controlled pres. Johnson
  17. Only congress could fire employees that were appointed by the Pres.
    Tenure of Office Act
  18. Any presidential military orders must be approved by generals
    Military Act
  19. Grant's administration
    Political corruption, excess materialism
    Everything blamed on Grant by the Dem's
    The Gilded Age
  20. Worker agrees not to join a union while employed
    Yellow Dog Contracts
  21. Black man, "Bible totin'"
    Freedman's Bureau
    OO Howard
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