Psych Chapter 3

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  1. Stress vs. stressor
    stress: body's response

    stressor: trigger that prompts the response from the outside world
  2. Eustress vs. distress
    eustress: pleasant desirable stress such as exercise

    distress: unpleasant, objectionable stress (chronic)
  3. What are the seven major stressors?
    • cataclysmic events
    • chronic
    • life-changes/ strains
    • daily hassles
    • burnout
    • Conflict (PTSD)
    • frustration
  4. Cataclysmic events
    occur suddenly and affect a ton of people
  5. chronic stressors
    long lasting (work/ school)

    whatever takes up a ton of your time, but is stressful
  6. Life Changes and Strains
    a big change that causes stress, but is not a bad change
  7. Daily Hassles
    mean nothing by selves= inconveniences

    one on top of the other leads to a breaking point

    men more affected than women because they bottle things up
  8. Occupational burnout
    state of psychological and physical exhaustion

    results from chronic exposure to high levels of stress and little personal control

    vulnerable professions taht cause feelings of numbness
  9. Frustration
    unpleasant tension, anxiety

    heightened sympathetic activity 

    results from a blocked goal

    more motivated= more frustration
  10. Conflict
    forced choice between two or more incompatible goals or impulses
  11. What are the four types of conflict?
    approach-approach: pincking from two enjoyable things

    avoidance-avoidance: lesser of two evils

    approach-avoidance: 1 choice with pros adn cons; you either do it or you dont

    multiple approach-avoidance conflicts: options that each have pros and cons
  12. What are the three stages of Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)?
    alarm reaction: adaptive energy being pushed into high gear

    resistance: use energy up slowly but steadily

    exhaustion: so much wear and tear that you get problems
  13. Hans Selye referred to illnesses that are caused or worseneded by stressors as __.
    diseases of adaptation
  14. Emotion focused coping
    • trying to get rid of the negative feelings associated with a problem
    • ex: using alcohol to feel better--> addiction
  15. Problem focused coping
    trying to get rid of the problem
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