Character Defects

  1. Self Pity
    I slide into self pity quickly after an error.
  2. Unrealistic
    I fantasize and day dream.
  3. Unrealistic
    I expect people to be nice and polite to me because I am.
  4. Unrealistic
    I have high expectations of myself and expect others to live up to those standards.
  5. Unrealistic
    I don't humbly take someone looking up to me.
  6. Unrealistic
    I think I'm right most of the time.
  7. Pride
    I don't like to repeat myself.
  8. Pride
    I get irritated when the answer I give is argued.
  9. Pride
    I'm a sore loser but don't outwardly show it.
  10. Pride
    I deny myself the help of friends.
  11. Pride
    I don't like when someone doesn't take my word for it. I feel like I should defend what I say.
  12. Pride
    I don't like to take what's bothering me to anyone else.
  13. Pride
    I get nervous/angry when I'm wrong and try to cover it up or act like I knew it already.
  14. Pride
    I don't like to walk away if I think my point has not been fully made or if I haven't convinced them.
  15. Know-It-All
    I jump into a conversation without knowing the whole story.
  16. Know-It-All
    I get preachy.
  17. Know-It-All
    I stick my nose in where it doesn't belong and try to solve problems or inform.
  18. Know-It-All
    I try to "help" or "advise" people when they don't ask me to.
  19. Know-It-All
    I point lout to others my perceived flaws in the world and harp on it.
  20. Know-It-All
    I fantasize about justice or retribution.
  21. Know-It-All
    I help someone with something, but then keep elaborating until I piss them off.
  22. Know-It-All
    I'm a "know it all!"
  23. Know-It-All
    I speak before I think.
  24. Know-It-All
    I try to "correct" the behaviors of others.
  25. Know-It-All
    I start to dictate when I intend to inform or teach.
  26. Know-It-All
    I belittle people who beleive things I don't agree with.
  27. Know-It-All
    I don't feel like there are other people like me or "on my level."
  28. Inconsiderate
    I shout orders when stressed instead of asking politely.
  29. Inconsiderate
    I don't keep in touch regularly with my family.
  30. Inconsiderate
    I don't keep in touch regularly with my friends.
  31. Inconsiderate
    I have trouble focusing on people when they are talking. My mind wanders or I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna say next.
  32. Inconsiderate
    I don't know when to shut up.
  33. Full of Myself
    I'm self righteous.
  34. Full of Myself
    I get caught up in what I'm trying to do and leave God out.
  35. Full of Myself
    I have trouble staying in the moment. I get distracted by my ego.
  36. Full of Myself
    I dlon't appreciate the friendships I do have.
  37. Full of Myself
    I'm overly focused on my appearance. Vanity.
  38. Full of Myself
    I'm vain.
  39. Full of Myself
    I think mostly about me and how things are affecting me.
  40. Full of Myself
    I have trouble clearly seeing and remembering my strengths and weaknesses.
  41. Full of Myself
    I think I'm funny so I talk too much about nothing.
  42. Full of Myself
    I brag.
  43. Hateful
    I pick on people. I act like its funny but its actually a way to discredit them.
  44. Hateful
    I redirect anger and frustration towards people, things, and events, that have nothing to do with it, instead of dealing with the issue.
  45. Hateful
    I can be flat out mean and snide with people I don't respect.
  46. Hateful
    I home in on one person I have a tiny resentment towards and pick them apart.
  47. Hateful
    I lash lout when my pride is wounded.
  48. Omnipotence
    I perceive enemies in the people around me.
  49. Omnipotence
    I think I know how others think and feel.
  50. Omnipotence
    When i feel guilty about something, I believe others are angry with me.
  51. Omnipotence
    I have imagined arguments with people when I think they don't agree with what I'm doing.
  52. Perfection
    I tell myself "I have to...","I've got to...","I need to...".
  53. Perfection
    I'm very hard on myself.
  54. Perfection
    I shame myself when I have negative feelings.
  55. Perfection
    I "shoulda woulda coulda".
  56. Perfection
    I get the "fuck-its."
  57. Perfection
    I can be quite guilt driven. I feel guilty about things that are not necessary.
  58. Perfection
    I'm indecisive and frequently change my mind.
  59. Greedy
    I desire the clothes and things I didn't have as a kid.
  60. Greedy
    I forget to be grateful and take things for granted.
  61. Greedy
    I regret and dwell on not getting to do something I wanted to.
  62. Greedy
    I'm jealous.
  63. Greedy
    I'm bad with $$$.
  64. Greedy
    I regret and dwell on not getting something I wanted.
  65. Greedy
    I become obsessive about little things like collecting shiny or blue things.
  66. Greedy
    I don't appreciate what I have and want more.
  67. Greedy
    I steal and justify by saying it's nothing large and won't be missed.
  68. Greedy
    I desire authority positions and want to be "in charge."
  69. Greedy
    I'm inwardly jealous of people who succeed before me.
  70. Bad Judgement
    I chose the people I allow around me based on similarities instead of character.
  71. Bad Judgement
    I let people slip to the wayside and damage my network. "Out of sight, out of mind."
  72. Bad Judgement
    I justify my half measures.
  73. Bad Judgement
    I have trouble saying "NO" to myself.
  74. Bad Judgement
    I have trouble staying in the moment.
  75. Bad Judgement
    I love the ritual, smell, and taste of pot.
  76. Bad Judgement
    I have trouble stepping back and relaxing.
  77. Bad Judgement
    I go to bed angry or with a mind full of regret.
  78. Bad Judgement
    I can't delay gratification.
  79. Bad Judgement
    i dwell on conflicts or disappointments.
  80. Bad Judgement
    I let anxiety keep me from moving forward.
  81. Bad Judgement
    I have trouble making the decision to be happy. I remain angry, sad, or stressed.
  82. Bad Judgement
    I don't smile (even though it'll help) when I think I'm stressed.
  83. Bad Judgement
    I procrastinate, even though I know I'll enjoy the task once I start it.
  84. Manipulative
    I ask until i get the answer I want.
  85. Manipulative
    I gossip and rally to get others to see someone or something the same way that I do.
  86. Manipulative
    I manipulate situations to my advantage.
  87. Manipulative
    I use guilt rips to manipulate people.
  88. Manipulative
    I use "this fucked up world" as justification for my behavior and to allow for resentments.
  89. Unwilling/Lazy
    I only remain teachable for short periods of time.
  90. Unwilling/Lazy
    I procrastinate when I just don't want to.
  91. Unwilling/Lazy
    I have trouble being nice to a person I have a problem with.
  92. Unwilling/Lazy
    I'm reluctant to help others when I'm "not in the mood."
  93. Unwilling/Lazy
    I'm immature.
  94. Unwilling/Lazy
    I don't practice the principles very well and only notice in retrospect.
  95. Unwilling/Lazy
    I spend time organizing and planning and then fail to implement the schedule.
  96. Unwilling/Lazy
    I'm lazy when no one's looking.
  97. Irresponsible
    I overfill my "plate."
  98. Irresponsible
    I lose or misplace things.
  99. Irresponsible
    I don't stick to my resolutions.
  100. Irresponsible
    I don't allow myself enough time to sleep.
  101. Dishonest
    I'm falsely modest.
  102. Dishonest
    I justify my defects to avoid guilt or allow for selfishness.
  103. Dishonest
    I say "I know" when someone is telling me something, even if it was something I didn't know.
  104. Dishonest
    I tell other peoples stories like they were my own.
  105. Dishonest
    I hide my feelings with "Yeah, I'm alright." or "Doesn't bother me."
  106. Dishonest
    I hide my mental illness form others.
  107. Dishonest
    I minimize fuck-ups when recounting them and embellish success or achievements.
  108. Dishonest
    I portray myself as above common defects.
  109. Dishonest
    I make my life seem more grandiose than it is.
  110. Dishonest
    I don't practice what I preach.
  111. Dishonest
    I don't come clean if no lone has caught me.
  112. Dishonest
    I lie about my past to look greater.
  113. Self Righteous
    I seek justice or retribution.
  114. Self Righteous
    I break rules when I think they are minor and I can get away with them.
  115. Self Righteous
    I justify my actions and behavior.
  116. Self Righteous
    I rebel against rules, or flat lout ignore them if they get in my way.
  117. Self Righteous
    I get sullen defensive and discount others when challenged.
  118. Self Righteous
    I get pissed when someone calls me on my bullshit.
  119. Intollerant
    I hold a resentment against one person and go off on another person or thing.
  120. Intollerant
    I'm passive aggressive. Pretending like I let something go, then stewing on it before exploding later.
  121. Intollerant
    I tend to not like somebody due to only one part of their personality.
  122. Intollerant
    I notice the negative aspects of people before noticing the positive.
  123. Intollerant
    I have trouble accepting the situation I'm in.
  124. Insecure
    I'm extremely self conscious around women.
  125. Insecure
    I feel isolated around family.
  126. Insecure
    I feel sad about not being in a relationship.
  127. Insecure
    I shy away from starngers out of nervous fear of judgement.
  128. Insecure
    I get attached easily to male superiors. I emulate them. Even their bad aspects.
  129. Insecure
    I often feel lonely or left out; like no one wants me to be part of their group.
  130. Insecure
    I feel bullied often.
  131. Insecure
    I let what others think of me affect my behavior or hurt me.
  132. Insecure
    I feel guilt, even if I know I'm doing something right, if someone else doesn't like it.
  133. Insecure
    I'm fake when talking to women. Bravado
  134. Insecure
    I get jealous when someone makes a move on a woman I'm attracted to.
  135. Insecure
    I goof off and make jokes to attract attention to myself.
  136. Insecure
    I seek pity and attention from others when depressed.
  137. Insecure
    I overcompensate.
  138. Insecure
    I don't like admitting my defects.
  139. Insecure
    I isolate and get quiet.
  140. Insecure
    I have trouble seeing who my friends are.
  141. Insecure
    I'm afraid of losing my commitment or dedication.
  142. Insecure
    I get angry when I think I'm being treated like a child.
  143. Insecure
    I'm a people pleaser.
  144. Insecure
    I weigh all my actions against the way I believe others will perceive them.
  145. Insecure
    I tend to believe I'll fail before I believe I'll succeed.
  146. Lust
    I fall into infatuation and the into obsession.
  147. Lust
    I stare at women because I like the way it feels but I'm ashamed to do it.
  148. Lust
    I expect sex and even beg for it in a relationship.
  149. Lust
    I objectify women.
  150. Lust
    I'm motivated by sex rather than friendship in a relationship.
  151. Lust
    I lust and escape from life with sexual fantasies.
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