A&P 2 exam 1 (part 3)

  1. the greater the difference in the pressure, the
    faster the fluid moved
  2. someone with high blood pressure has a ___ flow rate
  3. flow of heart to tissue and back?
    • heart
    • blood flow (oxygenated)
    • tissue
    • deoxygenated blood flow
    • heart
  4. is directly proportional to differences in pressure
    flow rate
  5. why is adipose tissue highly vascularized?
    it has a lot of blood vessels
  6. the more blood vessels you have means that
    the longer it will take for blood to get from point A to point B
  7. adipose tissue related to fat people how?
    bc obese people have high blood pressure bc theyre blood moves slower and has to work hard to get through the extra tissue
  8. flow rate is indirectly proportional to the vessel length
    F = 1/L
  9. flow rate is directly proportional to the fourth power of the radius of the vessel
    F= r4
  10. branches off to form multiple arteries
  11. small arteries branched from arteries
  12. where are capillaries found
    around tissue
  13. come together to form veins
  14. form venacava
  15. have the slowest blood flow
  16. velocity of blood flow goes from?
    fast, slow, speeds up
  17. to get more blood flow
  18. which part has the highest total area
  19. the higher the area, the slower the
  20. why is it important that blood flow slows down?
    bc if it doesn't, then it doesn't give enough time for oxygen and nutrients to go in and out of the cell
  21. aka layered blood flow
    laminar flow
  22. in laminar flow, which layer moves faster?
    middle layer
  23. where is laminar flow (continuous) found
    in small blood vessels
  24. when heart contracts and relaxes pushes increase in velocity in both directions
  25. where do pulsatile blood flow occur?
    at arteries between the heart and tissue
  26. 2 types of laminar flow
    • continuous
    • pulsatile
  27. is not layered, opposite to laminar flow
    turbulent flow
  28. occurs after aortic and pulmonary valves or valves in veins
    turbulent flow
  29. found right next to the pumping chamber of the hear, vein between tissue and heart
    turbulent flow
  30. when blood flow is pushed through a valve then it is
  31. what are blood vessels made of
    smooth muscle and connective tissue
  32. change in volume inside blood vessels as a result of change in blood pressure
  33. are veins or arteries more compliant?
  34. ___ is always bigger than ___
    • vein
    • artery
  35. artery vs vein, which has thinner wall?
  36. artery vs vein, yields more and requires less pressure to pull apart
  37. artery vs vein, is 24x more compliant
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