Pneumatic Ice and Rain

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  1. How are engine and APU bleed valves controlled?
    Electrically controlled pneumatically operated.
  2. ENG 1 or APU supply?
    ENG 2 or ground air supply?
    • Left Duct
    • Right Duct
  3. What stage bleed air is used for engine cowl, and leading edge antiice?
    what protects leading edge slats?
    • 5th stage high pressure compressor.
    • Thermal Switches.
  4. Window Heat Power
    L1 L4 L5 R2 are powered by ?
    R1 R4 R5 L2 are powered by?
    R3 L3?
    What do windows 1&2 have?
    • Gen Bus 1
    • Gen Bus 2
    • not heated. 
    • overheat protection.
  5. Pneumatic Panel
    Amber Bleed Trip Off Light illuminated when?
    • Overpressure
    • Over Temp
    • Bleed valve closes automatically.
  6. What does the Trip reset button  reset?
    Bleed trip off light, pack trip off and overheat lights.
  7. Amber Wing Body Overheat illuminates when?
    Overheat due to the leaks of pneumatic and air conditioning.
  8. Amber Dual Bleed light illuminates when?
    valve and switch positions allow engine air to flow back to APU.
  9. Blue COWL Valve OPEN Light illuminates when?
    • Bright when valve is in transit or diagree with valve position and switch.
    • Dim when valve is open.
  10. Amber Cowl Antiice Light illuminates?
    When overpressure and over temp in cowl duct.
  11. Blue L or R Valve OPEN?
    • Dim -Open
    • Bright -In Transit
  12. What window is heated byFWD Window heat switch?
    What about side switch?
    • Window #1
    • Windows #2,4,5
  13. What is Green ON light under window heat?
    When does it extinguish?
    • for windows #1 & 2.
    • When sytem failure, overheat, switch in OFF posiiton, or within temp range.
  14. Amber window OverHeat light illuminates when?
    • overheat or power interuption. 
    • windows 1 and 2 only.
  15. What system does Pitot static A switch operate?
    Pitot Static B ?
    • Left side probe switches
    • right side probe switches.
  16. Amber Temp Probe Light illuminates ?
    • when temp probe or alpha vane is not heated.
    • Only works in Flight not on ground.
  17. What happens to Isolation valve switch when in AUTO?
    • Closed to seperate L and R sides.
    • Opens if any PACK or Bleed switch OFF.
  18. What side does APU air supply?
    How does it supply the other side?
    • Left.
    • Isolation valve opens to supply right side.
  19. Amber Dual bleed valve illuminates when?
    • APU Bleed valve open and 
    • -bleed 1 switch ON or 
    • -bleed 2 switch ON and isolation valve open.
  20. What position will Engine Bleed Valve be in during electrical loss?
    Last position it was in.
  21. What air data probes are not electrically heated?
    Alt static Port.
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