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  1. theomorphic
    created in image of God
  2. Nicknames of Peter
    • ho petros: stone: something a man can heft, make walls out of
    • aramaic: kephas=cephas
  3. petra
    • a monolith/foundation stone
    • rock of revelationi on which ho petros stands/is grounded
  4. Gates
    • administrative headquarters
    • defensive structure of city
  5. Hell
    Hades- the holding tank of spirits
  6. exodus
    victories of Jesus
  7. atrophe
    temple, booths
  8. Love Command
    Mark's version
    • no hostility
    • no hidden agenda
    • point: the one commandment has two parts
    • emphasis: faith in the true God expresses itself in worshipping him through love of him and one's neighbor
  9. Love Command
    Matt's version
    • hostility which Lord defuses
    • hidden agenda: on what basis does Lord interpret commandments (are all laws =?)
    • emphasis: love=essense of law and means by which all commands must be understood, interpreted, and implemented
  10. Love Command
    Luke's version
    • hostility not defused
    • hidden agenda: who may I exclude from my love
    • gnomic saying: love establishes relationships where none were possible before, breaks down all barriers that divide humankind
    • emphasis: circle of love should extend endlessly outward
  11. prognosis
    know before hand
  12. prophecy Lord had to fulfill
    • Time: Jesus had to die at Passover
    • Place: Jerusalem, but outside walls
    • Method: die "pinned by a nail in the sure place"
  13. Feast of Tabernacles (Nov)
    Jesus identifies who He is, the Great I Am
  14. Feast of Dedication (Hanakkah, Dec)
    Identifies Himself as Son of God
  15. Lat winter, early spring
    Raises Lazarus
  16. aitia
    cause, reason for legal action
  17. erwat davar
    some uncleanliness
  18. davar
    some kind of
  19. 'rv
    blackness; crow/raven
  20. 'aran
    naked, bare, wasteland; lay bare; empty; pour out; spread thin
  21. 'erwat
    nakedness, shame, disgrace, dishonor; bare area/denuded place
  22. pornia (physical)
    any sexual relations
  23. pornia (spiritual)
    idolatry, abuse; adultery against God
  24. Events of Last Week
    • Sun: triumphal entry
    • Mon: curses fig tree, temple cleansed
    • Tues: confrontation w/ Pharisees, prophesy on destruction of Jerusalem
    • Wed: No record
    • Thurs: Last supper
    • Fri: tried & executed
    • Sat: In tomb
    • Sun: resurrection
  25. Purpose of Passover
    • show God's care for Jews as a people, marking their beginnings as Israel
    • promised God's deliverance from enemies
  26. conditions faced by early church
    • deception by fals Christs & Messiahs
    • persecution by gentile nations
    • persecution of Christians by Christians
    • love w/in church wax cold due to iniquity
    • abomination that makes desolate
  27. Luccerus Albinus
    procurator 62-64
  28. Gessius Florus
    procurator 64-69
  29. Gallus Cestrus
    governor in Syria
  30. Vespasian
  31. Titus
    Lieutenant general
  32. Eleazar
    zealot high priest in Jerusalem
  33. Simon Bar-Giora
    false messiah
  34. Johannus Gashala
    false messiah
  35. General conditions in last days
    • wars & rumors of war
    • predictions that the Lord has coem back
    • gathering of Israel
    • famines, earthquakes, pestilence
  36. 3 conditions that will occur in last days
    • because of iniquity, love will grow cold (hate will become the norm)
    • gospel will be preached in all the world
    • desolation of abomination against the temple
  37. storge
    • "affection"
    • tames, softens, makes gentle
    • makes house a home
    • sets boundries or proper behavior
    • safe guards kids
    • quite inclusive
  38. eros
    • "romance"
    • seeks the love of the worthy
    • seeks to possess
    • very exclusive
  39. prophecies
    • Jesus had to hang from cross
    • selling price of 30 pieces of silver
    • Jesus coming peacefully riding a colt
  40. taqsh
  41. fig tree significance
    Lord held power of destruction
  42. fig tree symbolism
    • hypocrisy of Jews
    • showed Lord could destroy, no one could take his life away. he freely gave it
  43. 1st confrontation
    • antagonists: sadducees
    • issue: jesus' authority to cleanse temple
    • lord's response: appeals not to torah, but to author of torah, source of john's own power; parables of 2 sons, wicked husbandmen, & king's wedding feast
    • point: many are called, few are chosen cuz they won't respond to Master's way of life
  44. 2nd confrontation
    • antagonists: herodians & pharisees
    • issue: payment of taxes
    • lord's response: coin bears caesar's image, belongs to him; you're in god's image, belong to him
  45. 3rd confrontation
    • antagonists: sadducees
    • issue: resurrection
    • lord's response: sadducees doctrine is wrong; no marriage in resurrection (if not properly married before, not going to happen after)
  46. 4th confrontation
    • antagonist: lawyer
    • issue: great commandment
    • lord's response: love commandment; parable of good samaritan
    • point: as a person under covenant, we are to love all & serve all
  47. hypocrisy 3 definitions
    • the actor's mask
    • dissembling (pretend to be what one isn't for sake of gain)
    • apostasy (chenef)
    • point: jews couldn't do what they did because they were apostates from religion jesus established w/ moses
  48. 2 teachings disciples learned from olivet prophecy
    • jesus was coming back
    • temple would be destroyed
  49. Qs asked olivet prophecy
    • when will these things be?
    • what is the sign of thy coming?
  50. parakletos
    • comforter
    • kletos: be called/invited
    • para: alongside/by
  51. paraklete
    • one called to stand beside another during period of trial
    • provides & makes up for what defendant lacks
    • responds only to invitation
  52. paraklete in biblical context
    • acts as authoritative teacher
    • comes out of our future condition, being judged
    • advocate for our cause
    • knowledgeable friend, instructor, and counselor
  53. paraklete's general roles
    • teach
    • bring truths to remembrance
    • guide
    • testify
    • witness father & son
  54. paraklete's specific roles
    • act as sign one is justified before god
    • act as sign one is born again into the divine family
  55. how holy ghost communicates
    • talking to our minds: full sentences
    • flashes of insights and understanding
    • communicates to our hearts and senses: impressions & feelings
  56. death
  57. physical death
    • separation of spirit and body
    • tension: heaven & hell
  58. spiritual death
    • separation of us and god
    • tension: life & death
  59. characteristics of the law
    • only one
    • reward: eternal life
    • punishment: eternal death
  60. most important task jesus completed and why?
    • miracles
    • -healings: diseases, physical maladies, satanic problems
    • -miracles over nature: water to wine, walk on water
    • -restored life: lazaras
    • conclusion: jesus overmastered earth, hell, and death. miracles manifest god's kindness and goodness. they witness that jesus was the messiah
  61. corban
    • gift/sacrafice to god
    • permitted a man to take a vow to avoid/accept any obligation
  62. strepho/verto
    turn, conversion
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