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  1. A vSphere administrator deleted a vApp from disk. A second administrator needs the virtual machines that were contained in the vApp_ What should the first administrator do to make the 'virtual machines available?
    A Recover the virtual machines from backup
  2. A vSphere administrator needs to increase the capacity of an existing Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS) datastore cluster The storage administrator has provisioned two new NFS datastores to be added to the cluster. The vSphere administrator receives an error message, preventing the administrator from adding the newly provisioned datastores to the cluster. What is the likely reason that the action failed?
    A The Data stores in the SDRS cluster are VMFS clusters
  3. Preconfiguring an IP address can be done with what tool (MS tool)
    the Sysprep tool.
  4. Migrate a virtual machine to a storage over subscription model
    Right-click the virtual machine, click Migrate, select a different datastores, and select Thin Provision
  5. Which workflow should the administrator follow to create a High Availability (HA) cluster?
    A Select a datacenter, create a cluster in the datacenter, add resources to the cluster, enable HA, and configure HA-specific settings
  6. He administrator has deployed a third-party virtual appliance In the organization's vs environment and needs to use Update Manager to maintain the third-party appliance. How should the administrator accomplish this task with the least administrative effort?
    Add a new Download Source to Update Manager to obtain updates from the third party
  7. How is changed block tracking (CBT) used in a vSphere implementation?
    CBT is used by VMware Data Protection (VDP) to reduce time needed for backup jobs.

    • A vSphere administrator attempts to move a powered on virtual machine into a resource pool that is configured in an HADRS cluster. The operation fails. What condition would cause this behavior?
    • Resource pool admission control prevented the movement of the virtual machine due to insuffcient resources.
  8. A vSphere administrator is attempting to migrate a virtual machine, but the progress bar for the migration remains at 10%. Which issue could be preventing the vMotion migration?
    A networking problem between the source and destination hosts exists at the physical layer.
  9. An administrator is attempting to use Update Manager to patch a cluster of ESXi hosts.The administrator needs to stage the patches for a scheduled update after hours. When verifying the hosts after the scheduled upgrade, the administrator determines that one of the hosts was not remediated and patches are not staged. The host is using as its boot method. What condition would cause this behavior?
    The host was rebooted prior to the scheduled remediation.
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