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  1. A vSphere administrator needs to perform packet tracing from a Linux virtual machine. The virtual machine is attached to a vSphere Standard Switch configured with several VLANs. Which approach could the administrator use to configure the network to capture all traffic from the Linux virtual machine?
    Configure a vSphere Distributed Switch with VLAN Trunking_ Create a port group and configure it with Promiscuous Mode_ Connect the virtual machine to that port group.

    • A vSphere administrator has created a vSphere Standard Switch with one virtual machine port group and one physical uplink. The administrator needs to ensure that the virtual machines on this port group can communicate only with each other. What should the administrator do?
    • Remove the physical uplink from the vSphere Standard Switch
  2. An administrator is building a new vSphere Standard Switch with two active uplinks. The physical switch ports for these uplinks are placed in an ether channel Which load balancing policy should the administrator use to support the ether channel configuration?
    A Route based on IP hash

    • Controller recommended for high I/O Work load-
    • Use Vmware Para Virtual
  3. DRS scheduling says machine needs to be moved but the host looks balanced - what is the cause is this? -
    The DRS cluster does not satisfy the resource pool reservations.
  4. A vSphere administrator deleted a vApp from disk A second administrator needs the virtual machines that were contained in the vApp What should the first administrator do to make the machines available?
    A Recover the virtual machines from backup
  5. Which workflow should the administrator follow to create a High Availability (HA) cluster?
    1.Select a datacenter, create a cluster in the datacenter, add resources to the cluster, enable HA, and configure HA-specific settings
  6. An administrator needs to establish that a database server is entitled to twice the CPU resources than a web server during CPU resource contention. Which settings should the administrator change to accomplish this?
    Set the database servers CPU Shares to High and leave the web sewers CPU Shares at Normal.
  7. Exporting Virtual machine as OVA file can be done to copy to another data center= if it fails what is the issue?
    Make sure the virtual machine is turned on
  8. What should an administrator do to identify compliance for virtual machine storage performance?
    A Create a Storage Policy and apply it to the virtual machine
  9. Host isolation response happens when you set the way a vm behaves when a failure happens - like in a cluster for example. what are thr three isolaton resonses
    Leave VM powered ON- Power VM off , Shut Down VM
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