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  1. A virtual machine has the following configuration: • Thin virtual disks • The VMFS data store on which it resides is on a thin provisioned LIJN. • The storage array is VAA-enabled. What is the behavior of the virtual machine when it encounters an out-of-space condition?
    It is suspended.
  2. A vSphere administrator creates a new vSphere Distributed Switch. The administrator receives notice from the service desk that a cluster of vSphere hosts has disconnected from vCenter Server. This disconnect occurred immediately after the new switch was created_ • This vSphere Distributed Switch is the only distributed switch managed by vCenter_ • The virtual machines are still functional and the applications are still accessible by end users. On the ESXi hosts, which step must the vSphere administrator take to allow vCenter Server to reconnect?
    Use the Direct Console User Interface to reattach the management vmnic to the appropriate switch
  3. Which two network settings are available on a vSphere Standard Switch? (Choose two.)
    1. Egress traffic shaping 2. Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN)
  4. A vSphere Standard Switch is configured with two uplinks. When adjusting the failover order of the uplinks. what are two valid states in which an administrator can place the uplinks? (Choose two.)
    1. Active 2. Unused
  5. During an upgrade, the ESXi installer finds an existing version of ESXi and a VMFS3 volume. No virtual machines exist on the host or VMFS3 volume. The requirement is to upgrade to VMFS5. Which should be chosen to meet this requirement?
    Install ESXi and overwrite the VMFS data store
  6. During the installation of ESXi 5.5. the following error message is reported. Hardware Virtualization is not a feature of the CPU. or is not enabled in the BIOS. Which condition would generate this message?
    LAHF (Load AH from Flags)/SAHF(Store AH into Flags) is not enabled in the BIOS.
  7. What happens to the status of users already logged into Shell when a vSphere administrator enaables lockdown mode?
    Users remain logged in and can run commands. except to disable lockdown mode.
  8. An administrator is installing ESXi on several hosts attached to iSCSl storage. Why would the administrator detach the host from the IP storage network prior to installation?
    It decreases the time the installer needs to search for available disk drives.
  9. What is the minimum virtual machine compatibility setting required for a virtual machine to run on a vSphere 5.5 host?
    ESXi 3.5 and later
  10. A vSphere administrator upgrades a version 5.1.0 vSphere Distributed Switch to version 5.5.0. Another vSphere administrator, unaware of this change, tries to add an ESXi version 5.1.0 host to the switch and fails, What is causing this addition of the ESXi host to fail?
    The upgraded switch supports version 5.5 ESXi hosts only.
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