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  1. Which 2 CPU features enable the use of 64-bit virtual machines
    1. Intel VT 2. AMD RVI-Rapid Virtualization Indexing
  2. Which statement is true about the hardware configuration for ESXi hosts participating in a virtual SAN?
    Each host must have at least one Solid State Drive (SSD)_
  3. What should an administrator do to configure multi-pathing using software iSCSl?
    Bind the VMkemel to the software iSCSl initiator
  4. An administrator needs to use guest OS clustering in a vSphere environment that uses a Fibre Channel SAN. The clustering software does NOT have a SCSI target or a SCSI command pass-through requirement. Which VMware storage type should the administrator use?
  5. A vSphere administrator observes a problem with the Virtual SAN Cluster Setting as shown: Which action should the administrator take on the vmkernel port group on all hosts used by Virtual SAN cluster to resolve this problem?
    Select the Virtual SAN traffic option
  6. An administrator is creating a new VMFS volume and needs to make it availawe to all hosts within a datacenter using the Web Client. What should the administrator scan for in order to meet this requirement?
    New Storage Devices and VMFS Volumes
  7. A vSphere administrator has created a Virtual SAN Cluster with Automatic Mode Disk Groups. The cluster includes three ESXi hosts contributing one SSD and six SAS disks each. The administrator has four new ESXi hosts that boot from a fiber channel array and have no local disks attached. These four new hosts need additional shared storage but there is insufficient space on the fiber channel array. The hardware budget is limited. What can the administrator do to provide the needed storage for the lowest cost?
    Add the four new hosts to the Virtual SAN Cluster and use the existing storage in the cluster.
  8. An administrator has configured a vSghere 55 test environment to evaluate the Virtual SAN feature using Automatic Mode Disk Groups The administrator needs to disable the Virtual SAN cluster while preserving the virtual machines running on that cluster. The administrator has already installed a vSghere 5.5 Client on a Windows 7 desktop and also has access to the vSghere 55 Web Client What should the administrator do to disable the Virtual SAN?
    1.Use Storage vMotion to migrate the virtual machines to another data store then use the vSphere 2. 5.5 Web Client to disable the Virtual SAN.
  9. A vSphere administrator is administering a vSphere Distributed Switch port group using the vSphere Web Client. The port group was configured using Static binding, but the number of ports must increase as virtual machines are added to the port group. Which port allocation setting should the administrator use to achieve this goal?
  10. A virtual machine is receiving a large number of network packets. which is affecting the performance of other virtual machines connected to the same virtual network. What should the vSphere administrator do to resolve the issue?
    Configure the distributed switch to which the virtual machine is connected for ingress traffic shaping
  11. Which feature requires an administrator to confgure an RDM with Virtual Compatibihty Mode7
    Virtual Machine Snapshots
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