1. An administrator needs to create an alarm to monitor when a specific ESXi host in an HADRS cluster becomes disconnected from other vSphere components like HA agents or the Center server. Which must the administrator use to accomplish this?
  2. Define a Host type alarm, monitor for the event Cannot connect host, and supply a conditional
    trigger on Host name equal to a specific label.
  3. A vSphere administrator has configured a virtual machine alarm to trigger a warning when the condition Snapshot Size exceeds IGB. Which action should the administrator configure on the alarm to automatically resolve the condition?
  4. Run a Command
  5. A vsphere administrator needs to add a CPU to a virtual machine, editing the VM settings the option is grayed out. What would explain this behavior?
  6. The virtual machine is running
    TCPU Hot-add has not been enabled on the virtual machine
  7. An administrator needs to install vSphere Update Manager using an external SQL Server database. The administrator has created the database successfully, but cannot establish connectivity when testing the DSN Which configuration setting could be causing the issue?
  8. The database was configured to use Windows authentication _
  9. What two requirements must be met to create a fully automated Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) cluster? (Choose two.)
    • Shared storage
    • vmotion
  10. The administrator needs to modify the problematic configuration shown in the exhibit to meet the following requirements. 1. Uplink ports must connect to a 2-port Ether channel connection. 2. Traffic must pass. even in the event of a port failure. Which two configuration changes should the administrator make? (Choose two.)
    • Change the Load balancing algorithm to Route based on ip hash
    • Move both uplinks into the Active Uplinks
  11. A vSphere administrator is attempting to an ESXi host using update Manager The administrator has attached the baseline and remediated the host. Manager reports the remediation process has converted successfully. However, upon inspection the host is not upgraded What is the most likely reason this issue?
  12. C) A. The ESXi host has less than 10MBfree in its /tmp directory.
  13. As part of a multisite Single Sign-On (SSO) deployment what two steps are required to ensure that a change to one Single Sign-On instance is propagated to the other instances? (Choose two.)
    • Schedule a Replication Task on the primary instance
    • During the installation of each instance choose Linked-Mode
  14. Which action should an administrator take to increase the size of a VMFS5 datastore from 2TB to 32TB
  15. Dynamically expand the original Lun and increase the size of the VMFS datastore
  16. What are two features provided by VMFS57 (Choose two.)
    • Support for up to 32 extents
    • Support for greater than 2TB storage devices for VMFS, Physical and Virtual ROMs
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