1. An administrator needs to a show how many virtual machines can be added to an existing environment. Which report within Center Operations Manager meets this requirement?
  2. Cluster or Host Capacity Inventory Report
  3. Which privilege should the administrator assign to allow a user to create baselines using update Manager?
  4. Manage baseline
  5. A vSphere administrator has been using vSphere in evaluation mode and now wants to deploy an environment that provides the same features. Which edition of vSphere provides similar functionality to evaluation mode?
    Enterprise Plus
  6. A vSphere administrator manages a three host cluster with 20 VMS. The HA cluster is configured with the Host Failures the Cluster Tolerates admission control policy and all other settings are set to default values. The administrator determines that one of the VMS is not able to power on. After further inspection. it is determined that this VM cannot power on because of a very large CPU reservation. Which cluster advanced HA setting can the administrator modify to enable the virtual machine to power on?
  7. Higher das.slotcpuinmhz attribute value
  8. When a vSphere administrator attempts to remediate a host with update Manager, the host is unable to enter maintenance mode. Which condition is likely preventing the host from entering maintenance mode?
  9. A virtual machine on the host has a removable device connected.
  10. What is the purpose of configuring a VMkemel port for Fault Tolerance logging?
    The selected vmkemel port is used to send external inputs from a primary virtual machine to its secondary counterpart. n
  11. administrator reports application slowness when loading the application's web portal The virtual machine is currently connected to a vSphere Distributed Switch. The application owner requests information about the virtual machine's network traffic. Which feature of a vSphere Distributed Switch should the administrator use to gather the needed information ?
  12. NetFlow
  13. While shutting down a vApp for maintenance, a vsphere administrator determines that one of the virtual machines stays powered om The administrator manually off the virtual machine inside the vApp Which step should the administrator take to prevent the virtual machine from staying powered on in the future?
  14. Change the Shutdown Action for the virtual machine to Power Off
  15. The vSphere administrator needs to nugrate a virtual machine from one ESXi 5.5 host to another ESXi 5.5 host. The virtual machine has a virtual disk that is stored in local storage Assuming only the vSphere Essentials licensing is in place, which technique should the administrator use to accomplish the migration?
  16. Cold migration
  17. A host in a 4-node HANDRS cluster has failed. HA initiates restart tasks for the virtual machines on the remaining hosts in the cluster but half of them fail to restart, What is the likely reason virtual machines fail to restart?
  18. HA admission control is blocking the restart of the virtual machines due to insufficient resources to support the configured failover level of the cluster.
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