1. An administrator needs to provide a report that will help managers better understand how all of their virtual machines are sized. Which report within center Operations Manager should the administrator provide?
    • Virtual Machine Optimization Report
  2. A number of virtual machines in a vSphere 5.5 DRS cluster are connected to the same virtual switch port group. After several of these VMS are migrated to another host, an administrator notices that they have lost network connectivity. The Events tab in Center Sever shows this error message. Failed to initialize ethernetO_ The vmkernel log file on the host running the affected VMS contains this message. Cant connect device:'port group name': Out of resources. Which caused this issue?
    • The virtual switch port allocation was changed from the default setting.
  3. An administrator needs to create an IP allocation policy for a multi-tiered application running in a vApp. The IP addresses should be allocated automatically by vCenter Server, but should not be released even if a virtual machine is powered off Which IP allocation model should the administrator use for the vApp? 
    • Static - IP Pool
  4. An administrator is re-provisioning an ESXi host and moving it to another datacenter. Which DCUI option should the administrator use to revert the system configuration to the default settings?
    • Reset System Configuration

  5. A VMware administrator determines that a low priority 'virtual machine is negatively affecting the disk I/O performance of a higher priority virtual machine. The 'virtual machines are hosted on the same datastore presented to the same ESXi host. Which configuration option should the VMware administrator use to resolve this issue?
    • Increase the disk share value for the high priority VM
  6. The following error displays during the final step of the configuration for a VMware High Availability (HA) cluster attached to five datastores_ The number of heartbeat datastores for host is O, which is less than requireD- 2 What condition would cause this error?
    • One of the hosts in the cluster is not attached to the datastores planned for use with HA
  7. An administrator needs to provide a report that shows how many virtual machines can be added to an existing vSphere environment. Which report within Center Operations Manager meets this requirement?
  8. Cluster or Host Capacity Inventory Report
  9. A new LUN has been created on an iSCSI array and assigned to an ESXi 5.x server _ However when the administrator logs in to the vSphere Web Client the LUN is not visible. Other LUNS on the iSCSI array are visible. What should the administrator do to resolve this issue? 
  10. Rescan for the new storage device
  11. Which privilege should the administrator assign to allow a user to create baselines using Update Manager?
  12. Manage baseline
  13. Which two statements accurately describes step that are taken to recover a virtual machine using vSphere Replication? (Choose two.)
  14. A recovery is initiated from the target site. 2. Upon recovery, the virtual machine must be manually attached to a network.
  15. An ESXi host is unable to connect to a vCenter 5.x server. Which commands should an administrator use to restart the management agents on the host? 

    • A SSH to the host and execute the commands - /etc/init.d/hostd restart and /etc/init.d/vpxa restart
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