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  1. The first state 4H president was from what county?
  2. What Shelby County radio Station sponsored Negro 4h WORK ANS WAS VERY IMPORTANT TO yOUTH DEVELOPMENT?
  3. What year did WW Campbell establish corn clubs in West TN?
  4. This was the first county in the state to make an appropriation for extension work.
  5. This county held the first camp at Shiloh Park in 1923.
  6. This county hired the first 4H member as an agent in 1941.
  7. This county under the direction of Bob Vickers and Winola Shelton had the state's first clown troupe in 1979.
  8. Which mail order company first sponsored the 4H chick chain projwect?
    Sears Roebuck & CO
  9. The first State Dairy Products Judging Champion Team was from what West TN county in 1978?
  10. What was LID training in TN 4H in the 1950's?
    Leadership in Depth
  11. Mary Boals was the first international exchange visitor to Dyer County.  Where was she from?
  12. Where was 4H camp held in the Western District until 1935?
    West TN Experiment Station
  13. What year were the first camps held at the Milan 4h camp?
  14. What was the first name of the 4H Colegiate group?
    Alumni Service Corp
  15. What was the motto for the TN 4H alumni when it was formed?
    Continuing Service
  16. What organization founded in 1953 has the purpose of raising 4H funds?
    TN 4H foundation
  17. What organization was started at TN 4H Congress in 1948?
    TN 4H Volunteer Leaders Organization
  18. The first state clover collection was held in what year?
  19. When was the first Vol State Ceremony?
  20. Who was awarded the first Vol State award?
    G. L. Herrington
  21. Where did the All Star movement start?
    West Virginia
  22. Who were the first 2 TN All Stars?
    Don Bowman and Peggy Davis
  23. What happened for the first time in TN All Stars in 1956?
    State officers were elected
  24. What was the name for the state 4H event from 1939 to 1948 that we now know as State Round-up?
    TN 4H short-course
  25. The state 4H round-up was shortened to 5 days in 1966, the year before it saw what major change to round-up.
    became integrated
  26. What event highlighted the 1982 round-up?
    the world's fair
  27. The 1981 state 4H project winners received what medallion?
    leula Lee Medallion
  28. What event was combined with round-up in 1983?
    state All -Star conference
  29. Which TN 4H camp was a former POW camp?
    Clyde M York or Crossville
  30. What was the first year of camp at the Clyde York camping center?
  31. What was the name of the person donating the eastern region camp?
    Clyde Austin
  32. Where was WW Campbell from when he was selected to start extension work in West TN in 1909?
  33. H.S. Nicholas from Mississippi was appointed the first what in December 1910.
    First District Agent in TN
  34. The TN 4H all-star program began where in 1948?
    Western District
  35. The all-star organization in western district held its first initiation where in 1848?
    UT Martin
  36. What project did Lawrence Colebank become national winner in during the 1924 National 4H Congress?
    Horse and Mule Production Essay
  37. Wildlife camp was first held at Milan in what year?
  38. Name the NBA team in Memphis?
  39. Name the NFL team in Nashville.
  40. Who won TN electoral vote in 2004.
    George W. Bush
  41. What was the 4th H before 1911?
  42. Where is Target S.M.A.R.T. (shooting sport's camp) usually held?
    Columbia (Camp Ridley)
  43. What is the highest 4H recognition in TN 4H?
    the Vol State Award
  44. What 4H event involves identifying horse parts?
  45. What 4H event involves grading eggs?
    Poultry judging
  46. What 4H event is a camp for JR High projects in Knoxville?
    Academic Conference
  47. Which 4H event involves reading a compass?
    Forrestry judging
  48. Which 4H event involves cooing beef, pork,lamb, or poultry?
    outdoor meat cookery
  49. Which 4H event includes the state public speaking contest?
    4H Congress
  50. What 4H event includes election of a state 4H president?
    state 4H round-up
  51. Which 4H event elects a governor?
    state 4H congress
  52. This 4H project includes money and time management.
    Consumer Education
  53. This 4H project includes raising a female cow to produce milk?
  54. This 4H project includes raising an ewe?
  55. Castrated male cattle are called?
  56. What 4H event features cattle in Murphreesburo in July?
    State Beef Expo
  57. Which 4h project deals with trees and wood?
  58. Which 4H project deals with mechanics and lawn mowers?
    engineering and safety science
  59. Which 4H event has questions about dairy cattle?
    Dairy Bowl
  60. Which 4H event has questions about beef cattle?
    Beef Skillathon
  61. Which 4H contest in an artistic interpretation at congress?
    4H poster contest
  62. Which 4H contest is an artistic interpretation displayed at June Dairy Day?
    Dairy Foods Poster
  63. Which 4H event includes the identification of wildlife?
    Wildlife Judging
  64. Which 4H event has a prepared and a spur-of-the-moment talk?
    Public Speaking
  65. which 4H camp is a shocker with excited electrons?
    electric camp
  66. which 4H event has a written essay about bugs?
    Bee Keeping Essay
  67. Which 4H activity has online and in person quiz contest involving questions dealing with life?
    life smarts
  68. Which is in the center of the 4H all-star pen?
    diamonds and/or red star
  69. What is the 4H all-star motto?
  70. the president of the 4H all-stars is called the?
  71. The award medallion given at round-up to state winners was named for what Weakley county volunteer leader?
    Ieula Lee
  72. Where is the Eastern region 4H camp?
  73. What is the 4H event that involves wildlife food planting
    F.A.C.E. for wildlife (food and cover establishment for wildlife)
  74. Which TN governor born in MS in 1907 has a state agriculture center and many educational buildings named for him?
    Beuford Ellington
  75. This Kentucky-born Governor was a school teacher before becoming a lawyer.  he was elected governor during the depression era.
    Henry Horton
  76. This battle started on april 6, 1862 near Savannah TN?
  77. What sonb of Samuel Polk became President?
    james K Polk
  78. What historic TN site is home to many wildlife fish and plants created by a series of earthquakes in 1811-1812?
    Reelfoot Lake
  79. What Governor served 13 terms as mayor of Lewisburg and was a newspaper editor?
    Jim McCord
  80. Grace Moore built this historic musically famous Memphis home?
  81. What plantation is home to the national field dog trials?
    Ames Plantation
  82. What was the first higher education building for black students erected in TN?
    Jubilee Hall, Fisk University
  83. Will Palmer built the historic home of what pulitzer prize winning writer?
    Alex Hayley
  84. What 2 words appear on the TN state seal?
    Agriculture and Commerce
  85. What year did TN become a state?
  86. On the state seal the roman numerals XVI represent what?
    TN was the 16th state in the union
  87. The state flag has 3 stars.  What do they represent?
    the 3 grand divisions of the state (East, Middle, and West)
  88. What is the state slogan?
    TN - America at its best
  89. What is the state motto?
    Agriculture and Commerce
  90. Name 3 of the possible five nicknames of TN?
    Volunteer State, Big Bend State, Hog and Hominy State, Big Benders, and Butternuts
  91. What is the state wildflower?
    Passion Flower
  92. What is the state cultivated flower?
  93. What is the state fruit?
  94. What is the state tree?
  95. what is the state bird?
  96. What is the state game bird?
    Bobwhite Quail
  97. What is the official sp[ort fish of TN
    largemouth bass
  98. What is the TN state commercial fish?
    channel fish
  99. What is the state wild animal?
  100. Name the 2 state insects?
    firefly and ladybug
  101. What is the state butterfly?
    zebra swallowtail
  102. name the State Agricultural insect.
    honey bee
  103. What is the state amphibian
    TN cave salamander
  104. What is the TN state reptile?
    Eastern box turtle
  105. What is the State horse?
    TN walking horse
  106. What town in TN hosts the Nation Walking Horse celebration each year?
  107. What is the State Gem?
    the freshwater pearl
  108. The TN river Freshwater Pearl Farm and Museum is located in what city?
  109. Name the 2 state rocks?
    Limestone and agate
  110. Name 3 of the 7 state songs of TN.
    • My Homeland TN
    • When It's Iris Time in TN
    • My TN
    • TN Waltz
    • Rocky Top
    • TN
    • The Pride of TN
  111. Who wrote the song Rocky Top
    Boudleaux and Felice Bryant
  112. What is the title of the State Poem?
    Oh TN, My TN
  113. Michael Slone painted the official painting of TN.  What is the name of this painting?
    TN Treasures
  114. What is the official state folk dance of TN?
    Square Dancing
  115. In 2003 what was designated as one of TN's official art forms?
  116. What was adopted as the official jamboree and crafts festival of TN?
    the Smithville Fiddles' Jamboree and Crafts Festival
  117. In 1999, TN designated the official state tartan as designed by Heart of TN Scottish Celebraion in conjuction with all the other Scottish Societies in TN.  What are the official colors of the state's tartan?
    natural white, dark green, purple, red, and dark blue
  118. What TN airport is designated as the official site of the TN aviation hall of fame?
    Gatlinburg- Pigeon Forge Airport in Sevier  County
  119. What is the title of the official bicentennial portrait?
    The Pride of TN
  120. What is the name of the Prehistoric Indian Village on the eastern shore of the MS River who names means "house abandoned" or "deserted town"?
  121. Built for the TN Centennial Exposition of 1897, this building is an exact repica of what Greek temple?
    the pathenon
  122. In the late 19th centruy TN was called a "social and economic laboratory" because of a variety of experimental communities known as utopian colonies.  Name 2 of these communities.
    Rugby and Ruskin
  123. What is the 4H slogan?
    Learn by Doing
  124. What is the 4H motto?
    to make the best better
  125. What grades are eligible to enroll in 4H?
    4th through 12th grades
  126. Suggested in 1911 by O.B. Martin, what does the 4th H stand for in the 4-h emblem?
  127. What law established the land grant colleges/universities?
    Morrill Act of 1862 and Morrill Act of 1890
  128. What two clubs were the forerunners of the present 4-H Clubs?
    Boy's Corn Clubs & Girl's Tomato Canning Clubs
  129. What does the 4 leaf clover signify in the 4-H emblem?
    Good Luck
  130. Why was the 4-H emblem developed?
    To have a brand label for marketing 4-H members' produce
  131. Where is the state 4-H office located?
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  132. Who proposed the 4-H Club Motto in 1927?
    Carrie Harrison
  133. Name the two land grant universities located in Tennessee.
    University of Tennessee Knoxville & Tennessee State University
  134. Far what man is the central 4-H camp in Columbia named for?
    William P. Ridley
  135. What is the name of the 4-H camp in Greenville, TN?
    Clyde Austin 4-H Center
  136. Name the center in Nashville that is the site for the Farris Museum and housed offices of the Sate Dept. of Agriculture?
    Ellington Agriculture Center
  137. Who was the state 4-H leader who established the 4-H Honor Club, All Stars and Vol State recognitions?
    Paul Rose (1947-48)
  138. Who was the first member of the first Girl's Canning Club in Tennessee?
    Myrtie Hardin of Benton County
  139. What former Tennessee governor was the first to have been a 4-H member as a youth?
    Buford Ellington
  140. What Tennessee 4-H club leader gave the National 4-H Club Congress it's present name?
    G.L. Herrington
  141. Where is the national 4-h Council Headquarters?
    Chevy Chase , Maryland
  142. What Act passed in 1914 provided finacial support for the new Cooperative Extension Service?
    Smith-Lever Act
  143. Name two agriculture organizations formed in the late 1800's for the improvement of farming conditions?
    The Grange & The Farmer's Alliance
  144. The Agriculture Extension Service created?
  145. In what year was the first state 4-H Congress held?
  146. When and where was the first National 4-H Camp held?
    1927, Washington, D.C.
  147. Who is the author of "The 4-H Story", a history of 4H Club work?
    Franklin M. Reck
  148. Who gets the credit for organizing the first Corn Clubs in the South?
    William Hall "Corn Club" Smith
  149. Better known as state round up, in what year was the first TN state 4H Camp held.
  150. What forerunner of the Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture was organized in 1855 as the first state agency in Tennessee.
    The Bureau of Agriculture
  151. What TN agriculture product won first prize at the worlds fair in London in 1851?
  152. When was the national 4H alumni recognition program started?
  153. On what date was the national 4H center in Washington, D.C. opened?
    June 16, 1959
  154. Who organized the first cooperative demonstration work in the U.S.?
    Seaman A. Knapp
  155. What is the name of the professional organization for TN 4H agents?
    TN Association of Extension 4H Workers
  156. How many 4H projects are there?
  157. What TN 4H er was judged America's most nearly perfect girl at the 1923 National 4H Focus in Chicago.
    Marguerine Martin
  158. Citizenship Focus, a national 4H event dealing with government takes place in what city?
    Washington, D.C.
  159. At what state 4H event do 4H members act as representatives and senators?
    State 4H Congress
  160. What 4H project includes learning about the family pets? (cats dogs and rabbits)
    Companion Animals
  161. This project involves learning about circuits and energy.
  162. Name three branches of state government.
    Executive, Judicial, and Legislative
  163. How many representatives are in the TN legislature?
  164. How many State Senators are there?
  165. How many state supreme court justices are there?
  166. How many counties does TN have?
  167. In the event of governor cannot carry out his duty who take over as governor?
    Speaker of the Senate or also known as Lieutenant Governer
  168. How long is the governor's term of office?
    4 years
  169. What is the Governor's veto power?
    Vote no on a bill that has passed the House and Senate
  170. Each Governor of TN has been a member of one of four different political parties. What party other than the Democratic and Republican parties did some of the Governors belong to?
    Whig Party And Farm Labor Party.
  171. Who is the chief executive of TN.
    The Governor.
  172. How long is a Senator's term of office?
    4 years
  173. How long is the term of office for a representative?
    2 years
  174. What are the qualifications to be a state senator?
    Be at least 30 years old. Be a U.S. citizen. Be a state resident for at least 3 years and a resident of the county for which they are elected for at least one year before the election.
  175. What are the qualifications to be a state representative?
    Be at least 20 years of age a US citizen a state resident for at least 3 years and a resident of the county for witch he or she is elected for at least one year before the election
  176. What are the requirements to be a TN supreme court justice?
    Be at least 35 years of age a resident of TN for 5 years a US citizen and licensed to practice law in the US
  177. Who was the only Govenor who took the oath of office before the scheduled inauguration?
    Lamer Alexander
  178. In what year was TNs  current Constitution written?
  179. How many Judicial Districts TN have?
  180. What county has the largest in population?
  181. In what year was Tennessees first woman and first black candidate elected to national office?
  182. When was the Tennessee Stae Capital building first occupied?
  183. The first admiral of the U.S. Navy was from TN, who was he?
    David Glascoe Faragut
  184. What county singer was the subject of the movie  ''cool Miners Daughter''?
    Loretta Lynn
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