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  1. Article II of the GA constitution deals with what?
    Voting and Elections
  2. To amend the GA constitution, the proposed amendment must be approved by _____ of each members in each house
  3. Policies that supported transferring power from the federal govt back to the state govts we called
    New federalism
  4. Which is not a main purpose of federalism
    Create supremely powerful national govt
  5. Judges in the state of ga must have which of the following…
    Prior judicial experience
  6. Powers shared by both federal and state levels of govt
    Concurrent powers
  7. Investing the localities with authority to make ordinances or laws on a broad range of subjects is known as
    Home rule
  8. How many states were necessary to amend the constitution under that articles of confederation?
  9. A system with a single level of govt with power concentrated in that central govt
    Unitary system
  10. Political system where the smaller units of govt are more powerful than the national govt
  11. In GA a person convicted of any felony is able to register to vote
  12. Clause of the const that requires states to honor the contracts of other states
    Full faith and credit clause
  13. The theory of federalism that views the federal and state govts as equal partners in referred to as
    Dual federalism
  14. State constitutions are generally _____ than federal constitutions
  15. The official name of GA’s state legislature
    General assembly
  16. In the US, total number of govt units is
    More than 75000
  17. Federalist no 51 advocated that power be divided b/t 2 levels of govt in a compound republic
  18. The powers granted to the states via the language of the 10th amendment are referred to as
    Reserve powers
  19. Article of the ga constitution containing the bull of rights
    Article I
  20. Concept of implied powers is derived from the
    Necessary and proper clause
  21. Many state constitutions ____ the basic liberties of the US constitution
    Go beyond
  22. The case that limited the scope of federal civil rights by upholding state laws that required racial segregation
    Plessy v. ferguson
  23. One factor that contributes to the longer length of state constitutions
    States deal with more issues than fed govt
  24. The only state that has a one house legislature (as opposed to two) is
  25. In GA the governor selects the board of education but who selects the superintendent
    The citizens
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