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  1. become not good to eat because it is too old
    go off
  2. let something gradually become warmer so that it is not frozen any more
    thaw out
  3. begin to cook food
    put on
  4. make the food hot
    heat up
  5. flow over the side or the pan
    boil over
  6. offer something (food, drinks) to each person in a group
    hand round (pass round)
  7. put more drink into sb's glass or cup
    top up
  8. more drink poured into a glass or cup (noun)
    a top-up
  9. combine or taste good with
    go with
  10. remain or not be eaten
    be left over
  11. food prepared for the previous meal but not eaten (always plural!)
  12. take food from a restaurant
    take away
  13. food taken from a restaurant or a restaurant offering such food
  14. only eat a particular type of food
    live on/off
  15. eat a meal in a restaurant not at home
    eat out
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Unit_60_Food and drink.txt
Phrasal Verbs In Use (Unit 60, Food and Drink)