Mnemonics - Dermatology

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  1. Functions of the skin

    Specialised sensory innervation/Synthesise Vitamin D/Secretes pheromonesfor Sex

    K Keeps out unwanted molecules, microbes or radiation/Keeps in water,electrolytes and solutes

    I Immunological function; contains antigen-presenting cells

    N Normalises heat regulation
  2. Common allergens for allergic contact dermatitis

    • Cutaneous type IV reaction
    • O Ointments and cosmetics containing lanolin
    • N Nickel
    • T Topical antibiotics can cause it (e.g. neomycin)
    • A Autosensitisation can occur (secondary spread elsewhere)
    • C Chromates (cement, leather)/Colophony (plasters, glues, inks)
    • T Topical antihistamines and topical anaesthetics (haemorrhoid creams) can cause it
  3. Infestations - Clinical presentation of impetigo

    • Causes
    • I Infection with Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes or both
    • Presenting
    • M Mostly in young children
    • P Particularly around nose and surrounding parts of face
    • E Erythematous base with honey-coloured crusts

    • Treatment and prevent spread
    • T Treat with Topical antibiotic such as fusidic acid for localized lesions
    • I Individuals are highly contagious from skin-to-skin contact; Improve hygiene;do not share towels

    • Dx and systemic
    • G Gram stain and culture of swab diagnostic
    • O Oral flucloxacillin required for widespread impetigo
  4. Squamous cell carcinoma - Clinical presentation
    S, CELL, C

    • S Sun-exposed areas usu affected: ears, dorsum of the hands, bald scalp
    • C Crusted, firm, irregular lesion

    • E Excision used as treatment
    • L Lower lip can be affected in smokers
    • L Less likely to metastasise
    • C Associated with Chronic inflammation such as venous leg ulcers
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