Chapter 3

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  1. Judges
    • Apply the law.
    • Render decisions.
  2. Jurors/ Petit Jury
    • Apply the fact.
    • Render verdict.
  3. Jury Consultants
    Are often key aspect of litigation.

    • Coaching attorneys.
    • Conducting community attitude surveys
    • Providing focus groups
    • Developing voir dire to elicit attitudes and experiences
    • Creating a theme for the case
    • Preparing sophisticated demonstrative exhibits, including timelines
    • Helping with media management for high-profile cases.
  4. Our Court System is an Adversarial one.
    Adverse-1) a person, group, that opposes or attacks; opponent; enemy; foe. 2)a person, group, etc, that is an opponent in a contest.
  5. Lawyer serves in 3 capacities
    • Counselor
    • Advocate
    • Public servant
  6. Subject Matter Jurisdiction
    Refers to the power of a court, tax court can only hear tax court cases. Specialty courts, tax, family, bankruptcy, small claims ect.
  7. Judicial Review
    To review laws passed by the legislative body and to declare them to be unconstitutional and void.
  8. Judicial Restraint
    Those who believe judicial review should only in unusual cases believe in Judicial Restraint.
  9. Judicial Activism
    Those who think that Judicial Review should be used whenever the needs of society justify its use believe in Judicial Activism.
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