CC Risk Management

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  1. What are some important national safety goals (from 2013)?
    • Identify patients correctly
    • Improve staff communication
    • Use medications safely
    • Prevent infection
    • Prevent deaths (suicide precautions)
    • Prevent mistakes in surgery
  2. What are some causes of errors that cane be prevented?
    • Process errors- mistake somewhere in the process
    • Ineligible orders
    • Neglect- failure to report or recognize important s/s
    • Inexperience and overworked
    • Insufficient drug knowledge
    • Incorrect syringe labeling
    • Diagnostic errors
    • Surgical mishaps
    • Obstetrical mishaps
    • Equipment malfunctions
  3. What is a drug-disease interaction?
    • When a medication is incompatible with a disease process
    • For example, diabetics should be cautious when taking cough medication as it contains a large about of sugar
  4. How can errors be prevented?
    • Patient rights for medications, consent
    • 3 checks during med admin
    • Promote a culture of safety
    • Train staff properly
    • Safe environment and proper equipment
    • Computer red flags
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