vocabulary- reading- Boom Town

  1. Historical fiction
    is a made-up story that takes place in the past. It is a genre.
  2. Realistic story
    tells about something that could happen.
  3. Fantasy
    is a story about something that could never happen.
  4. boom
    a time of fast growth
  5. business
    the work one does to make money
  6. coins
    pieces of metal used as money
  7. fetched
    to have gone after and brought back something
  8. laundry
    place where clothes are washed and ironed
  9. mending
    fixing, repairing
  10. pick
    a pointed tool used to break rocks and loosen dirt
  11. skillet
    a shallow pan with a handle, used for frying
  12. spell
    a period of time
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vocabulary- reading- Boom Town
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