Worship Through the Ages

  1. Justin--1 Apology

    Weekly Worship of the Christians
    • Gather on Sundays
    • Memoirs of the Apostles & Writing of the Prophets read
    • President verbally instructs and exhorts
    • People pray together
    • Communion (portions are sent to those who cannot be present)
    • Tithes (distributed to orphans, widows and others in need)
  2. Tertullian (Chap. XXXIX) - Worship Elements
    • Pray
    • Read sacred writings 
    • Exhortations, rebukes & sacred censures
    • Elders: preside over and establish character
    • Tithing: optional as led and according to what they can afford (to support and bury poor people, etc.)
    • Communion: begins and ends with prayer, followed by a hymn
  3. Origen on Prayer: Chapter XX

    Formalities of Prayer: Conclusion
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