Ch53a Quiz Berlioz

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  1. What four things did Berlioz leave us?
    • symphony = narrative
    • 1st to write program notes
    • english horn
    • snares and cymbals
  2. Other facts
    • one of the most literary composers
    • idee fixe inspired cyclisism
    • not a prodigy
    • wrote the first book on orchestration
    • symphony fantastique
    • born in france
    • harold in italy (viola concerto w/in)
  3. major compositional genres
    • orchestra: concert overatures, programmatic symphonies
    • operas
    • chorus
    • songs
    • writings
  4. compositional style
    • unconventional/irregular phrases
    • slight chromatic inflections
    • rhythmically bold
    • colorful instrumentation
    • music genres w/in works (concerto w/in symphony)
  5. how orchestral music tells the story of symphony fantastique
    • themes&themes symbolize characters
    • quotations of previous music
    • instruments imitate nature sounds
    • musical genres (march, waltz) brought in
    • deployment of conventional musical elements (mode, tempo, character)
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