Ego defense mechanisms

  1. What does compensation mean? an ex?
    • Overachievment in one area to offset real or perceived deficiencies in another area 
    • ex. Nurse with low self esteem works double shifts so her supervisor will like her
  2. What does conversion mean? an ex.?
    • expression of an emotional conflict through the development of a physical symptom, usually sensorimotor in nature
    • ex: teenager forbidden to see x rated movies is tempted to do so by friends and develops blindness, and the teenager is unconcerned about the loss of sight
  3. What does suppression mean? ex?
    • Conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts and feelings from conscious awareness? 
    • ex: a student decides not to think about parents illness in order to study for test
  4. What does denial mean? ex
    • Failure to acknowledge an unbearable condition; failure to admit the reality of a situation; or how one enables to enable the problem to continue 
    • ex: diabetic eating chocolate candy
  5. What does undoing mean? an ex.?
    • Exhibiting acceptable behavior to make up for or negate unacceptable behavior
    • ex: a spouse who cheats on his wife brigs her a bouquet of roses
  6. What does displacement mean? an ex.?
    • Ventilation of intense feelings towards persons less threatening then the one who arose those feelings. 
    • ex: a person who is mad at the boss yells at his or her spouse or child
  7. What does disassociation mean? an ex.?
    • Dealing with emotional conflict by a temporary alteration in consciousness or identity 
    • ex: amnesia that prevents recall of yesterdays auto-accident
  8. What does substitution mean? an ex.?
    • Replacing the desired gratification with one that is more readily available 
    • ex: Woman who desires children opens her own daycare
  9. What does fixation mean? an ex.?
    • Immobilization of a portion of the personality resulting from unsuccessful completion of tasks in a development stage 
    • ex: lack of a clear sense of identity as an adult
  10. What does repression mean? an ex.?
    • excluding emotional painful or anxiety provoking thoughts and feelings from conscious awareness 
    • ex: the woman has no memory of the mugging she suffered yesterday
  11. What does identification mean? an ex.?
    • Modeling actions and opinions of influential others, while searching for identity, or aspiring to reach a personal, social, or occupational goal
    • ex. nursing student becomes critical care nurse because this is the specialty of a professor she admires.
  12. What does rationalization mean? an ex.?
    • Excusing own behavior to avoid guilt, responsibility, conflict, anxiety or loss of self respect 
    • ex: Student blames failure on teacher being mean
  13. What does sublimation mean? an ex.?
    • Substituting a socially acceptable activity for an impulse that is unacceptable 
    • ex: person who has quit smoking sucks on hard candy when the urge to smoke arises
  14. What does regression mean? an ex.?
    • moving back to a previous development stage in order to feel safe or have needs met 
    • ex: five year old asks for bottle when new baby brother is being fed
  15. What does projection mean? an ex.?
    • Unconscious blaming of unacceptable inclinations or thoughts on an external object 
    • ex: Man who has thought about same-gender sexual relationship but never had one, beats man who is gay
  16. What does introjection mean? an ex.?
    • Accepting another person's attitudes, beliefs, and values as one's own
    • ex: a person who dislikes guns becomes an avid hunter, just like best friend
  17. What does resistance mean? ex?
    • Overt or covert antagonism toward remembering or processing anxiety-producing information 
    • ex: nurse is too busy with tasks to spend time talking to dying patients
  18. What does reaction-formation mean? an ex.?
    • Acting the opposite of what one thinks or feels
    • ex: person who despises the boss tells everyone what a great boss she is
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