fuel system review

  1. -Boost pumps in the fuel system operate during take off?
    Provide positive flow to the engine
  2. -for a gravity feed fuel system what is the flow
    150% of take off fuel consumption
  3. -for a pressure feed fuel system what is the flow
    125% of take off fuel consumption
  4. -whats the purpose of the bypass valve?
    • Prevent the pump from blocking the fuel flow if the pump is
    • not working
  5. -Most aircraft recprioctaing engines are equpied with which
    type of engine driven fuel pump?
    Rotary vane
  6. -Where would the main fuel strainer be located?
    Lowest point of the fuel system
  7. -What would be the best remedy for an obstructed carburetor
    fuel strainer?
    Remove and clean the carburetor fuel strainer
  8. -what may be the result of excessive priming?
    After fire or back fire
  9. -how much fuel must be supplied to the engine by a pump fed
    fuel system and what is the reference?
    125%    FAR 23-955
  10. -What must first be accomplished in order to operate an
    electric fuel pump when starting a reciprocating aircraft engine?
    Turn the master switch on
  11. -when are the engine driven pumps working?
    Whenever the engine is running
  12. -a gravity feed fuel system will not function with out which
    of the following?
    Tank vent system
  13. -on an aircraft with a gravity fuel system and more than one
    tank with a common connection would require which of the following?
    The tanks have to be vented to each other
  14. -What could the use of a fuel boost pump at high altitude
    • Boiling of the fuel at the pump at the engine driven pump
    • causing cavitation and vapor lock
  15. -what should be accomplished after maintenance involving
    removal of components downstream of the fuel pump?
    • Turn the boost pump
    • on and check for leaks
  16. -whats the primary advantage of an integral fuel tank?
    Reduced weight, more fuel
  17. -whats the purpose of baffle plates in a fuel tank?
    Resist fuel surging
  18. -which type of pump is commonly used as a fuel pump on
    reciprocating engines?
  19. -what is a characteristic of a centrifugal type boost pump?
    Separates the vapor from the fuel
  20. -when is a pressure relief valve required?
    Any time you have a positive displacement pump
  21. -a rotary vane pump is best described as a?
    Positive displacement pump
  22. -what would be the remedy for an obstructed main fuel
    • Remove and clean it or replace the main fuel strainer and
    • bowl
  23. -the fuel system for aircraft certified in the standard
    classification must include which if the following?
    A positive means of shutting off fuel flow to all engines
  24. -avgas contains hydrocarbons and microorganisms that can
    lead to?
    Slime build up in the tank
  25. -what is used to move fuel from one tank to another tank?
    Transfer system
  26. -pressure fed fuel system can operate the engine with?
    • An auxiliary fuel
    • pump
  27. -in the event of engine driven fuel pump failure during
    • The boost pump will provide fuel to the engine through the
    • bypass valve
  28. -what is used to move fuel from any tank to any engine?
    Crossfeed system
  29. -what should be accomplished if a fuel line is leaking at a
    Re-torque the fitting and do a leak check
  30. -whats the purposed of the lead or lay lines on fuel hoses?
    Ensure the line isn’t twisted
  31. -Relief valves, if you turn the adjustment screw out what is
    going to happen to fuel pressure?
  32. -Relief valves, if you turn the adjustment screw in what is
    going to happen to fuel pressure?
  33. If you are routing fuel lines and electrical wire bundles
    together how should they be positioned?
    Wire bundle at least 6 inches above the fuel lines
  34. -centrifugal fuel pumps are good because?
    They separate fuel from the vapors
  35. -what type of pumps are considered variable displacement?
    Diaphragm and centrifugal
  36. -what type of manual pump has been used as an emergency pump
    to the engine driven fuel pump?
    The wobble pump
  37. -what is the function of baffles and poppet valves in fuel
    Reduce fuel surging and reduce vapors
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