Chapter 30

  1. John F. Kennedy
    • Democrat nominee and wins as President (1960)
    • - made deal with LBJ for him to be his VP if he helps him win
  2. Richard Nixon
    • Republican Nominee
    • - really wanted people to like him
    • - accepted his loss gracefully
  3. Robert McNamera
    Kennedy's Secretary of Defense
  4. Diem Rusc
    in charge of Vietnam
  5. 3rd Berlin Crisis
    • - Khruschev wants peace in Berlin and threatened to sign an agreement with Vienna East Germany
    • - Kennedy gives "I am a Berliner" speech
  6. Bay of Pigs Invasion
    • CIA informed Kennedy that we were training Cubans to invade Cuba and get back their country.
    • = April 1961, they invade and Castro ends attack
  7. National Building policy
    • Kennedy decides on this.
    • = designed to help 3rd world countries to become more pro western and more civilized
  8. Peace corps
    = people give up time to go to 3rd world countries to experience their culture and teach them how Americans live.
  9. Cuban Missile Crisis
    • = CIA finds Russian missiles in Cuba and reveals the photos to Kennedy
    • - Kennedy reveals what Soviets are doing to nation; purposes quarantine (naval blockade) of Cuba
  10. The New Frontier
    = Kennedy's plan for healthcare, education, civil rights. Died before this took action

    - Trade Expansion Act to lower tariffs
  11. Robert Kennedy
    = Attorney general of Civil Rights Movement
  12. Civil Rights March of 63
    organized by King with 'I have a Dream' speech

    - Kennedy asks for Civil Rights Bill
  13. Mapp vs. Ohio
    • Police may not enter a home without a warrant
    • (1961)
  14. Gideon vs Walhwright
    • You have the right to an attorney or one is assigned to you
    • (1963)
  15. Escobedo vs Illinois
    A council must be present before questioning the subject
  16. Miranda vs. Arizona
    You must be informed of your constitutional rights
  17. Baker vs Carr
    = To give urban areas equal representation

    - land v population; now based on population
  18. Lee Harvey Oswald
    • Killed Kennedy with three bullets on Nov 22, 1963
    • - Oswald goes to theatre, policeman shootout

    (Zaruter film footage on assassin)
  19. Civil Rights Bill '64
    = outlaws segregation of African-American in public places and creates EEOC (equal emplotment opp of america)

    - passed in LBJ presidency
  20. Lyndon Baines Johnson
    • = new pres after Kennedy
    • - he gives us Kennedy's tax cut
  21. Michael Harrington
    • wrote "The Other America"
    • = pointed out that 1/5 of our nation lives in poverty

    - LBJ has a war on poverty
  22. The Great Society
    • = LBJ's Platform
    • - Creates:
    • OEO (Office of Economic Opportunity),
    • Head Start Program for preschoolers,
    • and Job Corps for high school dropouts

  23. Hubert Humphrey
    LBJ's VP
  24. Barry Goldwater
    = Republican nominee of 1964 (Arizona Senator)

    - wanted no Social Security Act and a deal with the Soviets
  25. Medicare
    = health insurance for the agent when age 65
  26. Medicade
    = programs for the poverty stricken
  27. Elementary and Secondary Education Act (1965)
    = provides over 1 billion of federal aid to school systems of impoverished students
  28. Voting Rights Act
    • = Bans literacy tests for voting completely to ensure no one can stop you
    • and provides federal registers to be at voting stands
  29. Gulf of Tonkin Affair
    • -An American explorer ship "The Maddox" attacked by North Vietnam
    • -We got away and returned with the "C. Turner Joy"
    • -We bomb North Vietnam coastline
    • -LBJ gets Gulf of Tonkin resolution to get money from Vietnam in fighting troops
    • --> This escalates Vietnam War
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