wines of the world final

  1. what are the 5 AVA's within the North Coast of California?
    • Napa
    • Sonoma
    • Medocino
    • Lake
    • Los Carneros
  2. Name 4 sub appellations of Napa that are famous
    • stags leap
    • atlas peak
    • howell mountain
    • spring
    • oakville
  3. Name the 11 appellations of Washington
    • Yakima
    • walla walla
    • columbia valley
    • columbia gorge
    • snipes mountain
    • horse heaven hills
    • lake chelan
    • pudget sound
    • wahulke slope
    • red mountain
  4. if I am close to a large body of water that moderates my temperature, I have warm summers and cool winters what climate am I?
  5. If I am diurnal, having hot summers and cold winters what climate am i?
  6. If I have hot summers, cool to warm dry winters what climate am i?
  7. what month do vines begin to go into lignancy (dormancy)?
  8. what months do the main prunings happen?
    January and February
  9. when is bud burst
  10. what months do fruit set and growth happen?
  11. When does verasion and green harvest happen?
  12. when does harvest take place?
  13. yeast + sugar = ______
    alcohol + CO2+ Heat
  14. What is the difference between a cross and a hybrid?
    • cross is same species (lubrusca + lubrusca)
    • Hybrid is different species (lubrusca + Vinifera)
  15. the united states wine production is ranked ___ in the world.
  16. who regulates AVA's?
    TTB (alcohol tobacco and trade bureau)
  17. Name some sub AVA's of Sonoma
    • Russian River Valley
    • alexander
    • Dry Creek Valley
    • Knights
  18. What is Mendocino in CA known for
    Sparkling Wine (and a little chardony and pinot noir due to cooler climate)
  19. Who are the two most famous Zinfandel sub ava's in CA
    Lodi (in central valley) and Amador (in sierra foothills)
  20. what are the 4 ava's in NY?
    • Finger Lakes
    • Lake Erie
    • Long Island
    • Hudson River Valley
  21. what are the 4 primary grapes grown in Willamette Valley
    • pinot noir
    • riesling
    • gwverstraminer
    • pinot gris
  22. what are the 8 ava's of OR and which 3 are shared with WA
    • north willamette
    • south willamette
    • umpqua
    • rouge
    • applegate
    • walla walla (wa)
    • columbia valley (wa)
    • columbia gorge (wa)
  23. what are the 4 DVA's of british columbia
    • vancouver island
    • Frasier
    • okanagan
    • similkameen
  24. what is the climate of germany
    Northern Continental
  25. what are the 5 quality levels of german wine
    • QWPSR
    • QMP =Pradikat
    • QBA (may chapetalize)

    • Landwein
    • Fafelwein (regular or deuscher)
  26. what is sekt (germany)
  27. what is trokken and habtrokken
    • trokken= dry
    • habtrokken= half try
  28. what are the 7 anbaugebeites of germany
    • mossel
    • rheingau
    • rheinhessen
    • pflaz
    • nahe
    • ahr
    • baden
  29. what is the mossel known for
    reislings especially those with edelfaule
  30. what is edelfaule
    noble rot
  31. what three german anbaugebeites are known for liefraumilch
    • rheingau
    • rheinhessen
    • pfalz
  32. what are the three sundial vineyards in the mossel
    • whelen
    • zelting
    • juffer
  33. what are the 6 QMP catagories?
    • Kabinet
    • Spatlese
    • Auslese (gold kapsel and long gold kapsel)
    • BA (edelfaule)
    • TBA (edelfaule)
    • eiswine
  34. what is the international name for spatburger
    pinot noir
  35. what are the three german names for pinot gris
    • rulander
    • reislander
    • graubergunder
  36. what is the international name for weisbergunder
    pinot blanc
  37. what climate is Austria
    central european
  38. what are the 4 regions of austria
    • Lower Austria (most productive)
    • Vienna
    • Burgenland
    • Styria
  39. what are the 4 sub regions of lower austria
    • wachau
    • kremstal
    • kamptal
    • carnuntum
  40. what are the 2 sub regions of burgenland
    • nuisedlersee
    • suisedlersee hugeland
  41. what are the two most predominant varietals of austria
    • white = gruner veltlinger
    • red = zweigelt (cross of blaufrankisch and st laurent)
  42. what are the quality/ripeness levels in austia
    • Pradikat
    • *spatlese
    • *strowein (dried grapes, no botristus)
    • *auslese
    • *BA
    • *ausbruch
    • *TBA
    • *eiswein
    • Qualitatswein
    • *Kabinet
  43. what is the region in france that produces chenin blanc
    Loire valley
  44. which of these four is not from Champagne?

    extra dry
    blanc de blanc
  45. ?The wines from chablis are mostly comprised of which grape?
  46. what is the grape variety common in these wines:
    pouilly fume, sancerre
    sauvignon blanc
  47. what is the most common variety in Naintais?
  48. which of these regions grow Pinot NOir:
    All of them
  49. what grape varietals are the Grand Cru vineyards of alsace known for?
    Riesling, Gwverstramenier, muscat, pinot gris
  50. what grape varietal is most common in eastern loire (red and white)?
    Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir
  51. Name 4 AOC's in Beaujolais
    • Morgon
    • Brouilly
    • Fleurie
    • Moulin a Vent
  52. what are the 2 most common varietals in Burgundy?
    • Pinot noir
    • Chardonny
  53. what are the 6 main regions of Burgundy
    • Chablis
    • Cotes de Nuit
    • Cotes du Beaune
    • Chalonais
    • Maconais
    • Beaujolais
  54. in reference to france what are the grapes in these wines?
    Muscadet sevre et maine
    • Vouvray= Chenin Blanc
    • Muscadet sevre et maine= Melon de Bourgogne
    • Chinon = Cab Franc
  55. in reference to france what are the grapes in these wines/areas?
    Gevrey Chambertin
    • Fleurie= Gamay
    • Meursault =Chardonny
    • Gevrey Chambertin= Pinot Noir
  56. what is the order of classified growths in Burgundy
    • grand cru
    • premier cru
    • village
    • regional
  57. what are the steps of the traditional method?
    • hand harvest
    • whole cluster press
    • assemblage
    • liquore de triage (sugar + yeast)
    • store in caves on the lees
    • riddle
    • disgorge
    • dosage
    • repcap and store
  58. name the monopole that is the most expensive wine in the world and where it is located (district and region)?
    Domaine de Romanee-Conti; it is its own AOC in Vosgne-Romanee and its in the Cote de Nuit
  59. Name the 2 sweet terms in Alsace and their differences and attributes
    • SGN (selection de grains nobel) fuzziest most botrysized prick. must be made sweet and 50% botrizised
    • VT (vines de tardive) second round of fuzzy grapes, can be made sweet or dry.
  60. what climate is bordeaux?
  61. what are the grapes of the left bank of bordeaux
    • cab sav
    • merlot
    • cab franc
  62. what are the grapes of the right bank of bordeaux
    • merlot
    • cab franc
  63. what are the four important areas of the left bank
    • margaux
    • st estephe
    • pauillac
    • st julien
  64. what are the 2 important areas of the right bank of bordeaux
    • st emillion
    • pomerol
  65. what are the white varietals of bordeaux
    • semillion
    • sav blanc
    • muscadelle
    • ugni blanc
  66. name the 5 premier grand crus classes (bordeaux)
    • margaux (margaux)
    • haut brion (graves)
    • laffite (pauillac)
    • latour (pauillac)
    • mouton rothschild (pauillac)
  67. name the climate of the Rhone
  68. what are the grapes of northern rhone
    • syrah
    • marsanne
    • rousanne
    • viogner
  69. What are the AOCs of northern Rhone
    • Cote Rotie (Syrah)
    • Condrieu (viogner)
    • Chateau Grillet (viogner)
    • Hermitage (syrah, marsanne & rousanne)
  70. Name the grapes of southern Rhone
    • Grenache!
    • Mourvedre
    • Syrah
  71. name the AOC's of the southern Rhone
    • Chateau denauff Pope
    • Giogondas
    • Vacqueras
    • Beaumes de venise (often times vin de natural)
    • Rasteau (often times syrah vin de natural)
    • Cotes du Rhone
    • Tavel (always pink wine)
  72. where is bandol and what is it made of
    Provence and 50% mourvedre
  73. what is Banyuls and where is it found?
    late harvest (vin-daux-natuaral) grenache in the langudoc
  74. What is the region in portugal responsible for vinho verde?
  75. what are the aging laws in Rioja for Craniza, Reserva, and Grand Reserva?
    • 1 oak, 1 bottle
    • 1 oak, 2 bottle
    • 2 oak, 3 botttle
  76. what is the predominant varietal in the priorat region
  77. what is the largest viticultural area in spain
    La Mancha
  78. what are spanish wines known for
    long aging in barrels
  79. in spain what are simple non oak aged wines called
    tinto joven or Sin Crianza
  80. what is the region in spain known for verdejo?
  81. what is the region in portugal known for port
  82. In portugal most table wines are made from what grape
    touriga nacional
  83. what variety is most common in Rias Baixas
  84. By law Rioja can blend what four grapes
    • Tempernillo
    • Garnacha
    • Mazuella
    • Garciano
  85. Penedes is known for what style of wine
  86. what are the 7 regions of spain
    • Rioja
    • Priorat
    • Ribera del Duero
    • Rias Baixas
    • Rueda
    • Pendes
    • La Mancha
  87. what is the largest region in france for Vin De Pays?
  88. what are the 10 AOC's of italy
    • Piedmonte
    • Veneto
    • Tuscany
    • Campania
    • Basilicata
    • Puglia
    • Abruzzo
    • Umbria
    • Sicily
    • Sardina
  89. What is the grape of Piemonte and what are the wines they make out of it
    • Nebbiolo is the grape
    • Barolo (3/5) and barbaresca (2/4) are the wines
  90. What are the grapes of Veneto and what wines do they make out of them
    • Corvina, Rhodinella, and molinara are the grapes
    • Valapolicella, Amarone, and Ripasso the wines
  91. what grape is Soave made of
  92. What is recioto
    late harvest/dried grapes
  93. what is the most prominent grape in tuscany and what wines do they make
    • Grape=Sangeovese
    • wines= Chianti, classico, vino noble di montepulcino, brunello di montalcino(4/5)
  94. what is the grape/wine in Campania
    taurasi is the wine from the Aglianico grapes
  95. what is the grape in basilicata?
    Aglianico de vulture
  96. what is the grape/wine in puglia?
    salice salento is made from negro amaro grape
  97. what is the wine in abruzzo
    Montelpuciano d'abruzzo
  98. what is the grape/wine in umbria
    Orvietto made from procanico/trebiano
  99. what is the grape in Sicily
    Nero d'avola
  100. what are the grapes of sardinia
    cannonau (garnacha) and vermentino
  101. what are the 4 viticultural areas of North Island NZ
    • aukland
    • gisborne
    • hawksbay
    • wellington- martinburough
  102. name the 4 viticultural areas of South Island NZ
    • nelson
    • marlborough
    • canterburry
    • central otago
  103. what grapes are grown on the North Island of NZ
    Bordeaux varietal and chardonny (with the exception of wellingham which is sav blanc and pinot noir)
  104. what are the grapes grown in the south island of NZ
    sav blanc, pinot noir, reisling
  105. what is the climate of NZ?
  106. what is the climate of australia
  107. what are the 4 states of Austrailia
    • Western Australia
    • South Australia
    • Victoria
    • New south Wales
  108. what are the 2 areas you should remember is Western Austrailia
    • Margret River
    • Pemberton
  109. what area of austrailia is the most productive?
    South Austrailia
  110. what are the 4 sub areas to be remembered in south austrailia
    • Barossa
    • Coonawarra
    • McClaren
    • Clare Valley
  111. what are the 3 places you should remember in Victoria (AU)
    • Rutherglen and glenrowen (for stickies)
    • Yara Vallley
  112. what are the grapes of Australia
    • Shiraz
    • Mataro (mourvedre)
    • Grenache
    • Semmillion (hunter valley)
    • Chardonny (margret river)
  113. name the 4 sub regions of New South Wales (AU)
    • Hunter Valley
    • Mudgee
    • Cowra
    • Orange
  114. what are the 3 regions of loire
    • nantais
    • anjou-samour/ touraine
    • Central Vineyards
  115. where are the following located: Pouilly fume and sancerre
    Central Vineyards, Loire (and they are both sauvignon blanc)
  116. what grapes is Vouvray
    Chenin Blanc
  117. what are the 6 regions of Burgundy?
    • Chablis (chardonny)
    • Cotes de Nuit (pinot Noir)
    • Cotes de Beaune (Chard)
    • Cote Chalonnaise
    • Macon
    • Beaujolais (gamay)
  118. name 4 grand cru of Beaujulais
    • Moulin-o-vent
    • fleurie
    • Morgon
    • Brouilly
  119. what is the difference between Pouilly Fuisse and Pouilly Fume?
    • Pouilly Fuisse = Villages in the Macon (Burgundy)
    • Pouilly Fume= name for Sauvingnon Blanc in the Loire
  120. Where is Geverey-Chambertan
    Cotes de Nuit, Burgundy
  121. if you were to purchase a Chinnon what would you be drinking
    Cab Franc
  122. where is Banyuls
    Languedoc Roussillon
  123. What are the Regions of Portugal
    • Vinho Verde
    • Douro (port)
    • Dao
    • Madeira
    • Bairrada
  124. Name the 2 regions of Chile
    • Aconacogua
    • Central Valley
  125. what are the 4 sub regions of the Central Valley (chile)
    • Maipo
    • Rapel
    • Curico
    • Maule
  126. Name the predominant grapes of Chile
    • Chardonnay
    • Sauvingnonaise (sav blanc)
    • Bordeaux Varitals
    • Carmenere
    • Pais (mission)
  127. what Labeling law does chile follow
    • 75-75-75
    • (varietal, region, vintage)
  128. what is the climate of chile
  129. what is the climate of argentina
    Continental (Diurnal)
  130. what percentage of Argentina's grapes are lost to hail
  131. what are the 5 grape growing regions of Argentina
    • Mendoza (70% of production)
    • Salta
    • San Antonion
    • La Rioja (famentina valley)
    • San Jaun
  132. what are the predominant grapes of Medoza
    • MALBEC!
    • torentez
    • tempernillo
    • sangeovese
    • Bonarrda
  133. what are the 3 areas to remember in South Africa
    • Constantina
    • Paarl
    • Stellen Bosch
  134. what are the laeling laws in S. Africa
    • 85-85-100
    • (vintage, variety, region)
  135. what is the international name for Steen (S. Africa)
    Chenin Blanc
  136. what is the international name for Hanepoot (S. Africa)
    Muscat of Alexandria
  137. what is pinotage a cross between
    Pinot Noir and Cinsault
  138. what are the regions of S. Africa
    • boberg
    • bredde river valley
    • cederberg
    • coastal region
    • klein daroo
    • northern cape
    • olifants river
    • overberg
    • piketberg
  139. what is saunternes/barsac made of
    • Semillion
    • Sauvingnon blanc
    • Muscadelle
  140. what is only premier cru superieur for sweet wines
    Chateau Y'quem
  141. what are puttonyos and where/what are they used in
    are measurements or residual sugar in wines, they are used in Hungary for Tokaji
  142. what are the Levels of Takji styles
    • Tokaji Szamorodni (Tokaji as it comes)
    • Tokaji Aszu (noble rot)
    • Tokaji eszencia (best years of aszu)
    • Eszencia (free run of Aszu)
  143. what part of spain in sherry made in
  144. what is a difference between sherry and port
    Sherry is fermented to dryness port is fortified
  145. what are the 3 types of sherry
    • Fino (biological aging)
    • Amontillado (biological aging)
    • Oloroso (oxidative aging)
  146. what are the 2 styles of port
    • Ruby (bottle aged)
    • Tawny(wood aged)
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