Chapter 29

  1. Levittown
    • The very first suburbs
    • - usually close to the cities.
  2. Jack Kerouac
    wrote On The Road = rebels against the sameness in the world
  3. The Beat Movement
    • People who didn't follow the establishment.
    • - dressed sloppily; started at coffee houses
  4. Modern Republicanism
    Liberal towards people but conservative when it comes to spending money
  5. Highway Act of 1956
    • = Creates the interstate highway system.
    • - Purpose: to evaluate the city
    • - idea after Cold war
    • --> the major legislative achievement of Eisenhower's presidency
  6. Earl Warren
    • Nominated for Chief Justice of Supreme Court and put on.
    • - turns out to be more liberal than conservative
  7. Brown vs Board Education of Topeka
    • = Integrating School Systems
    • - overturns courts position on segregation
    • - John W Davis argues for segregation

    • - Thurgood Marshall : Lawyer to argue against segregation
    • = becomes first black on Supreme Court
  8. Orval Faubus
    Governor of Little Rock Arkansas who told president Eisenhower he wouldn't let 9 black children into Little Rock HS

    - he closed down school at the end of the year and new governor William Jefferson Cliton reopens it
  9. SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference)
    Uses peaceful confrontation lead by MLK
  10. Sputnik
    artificial satellite to orbit Earth launched by the Soviet Union
  11. National Defense Education Act
    • = Money from federal government to schools to go to math and physics so we catch up to Soviets
    • -our action towards sputnik

    -> We also created NASA
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